1. Gaps in Your Garage Door? Follow These Repair Tips

    Tips to Fix Your Garage Door Gaps When it comes to garage door repairs, some DIY fixes can prove to be effective and rewarding. If you come across any issue with your overhead door that you are uncertain about or uncomfortable with, feel free to reach out to us for same-day service! Guaranteed Garage Repair is here to help you safely address any and all garage door issues. We suggest inspecting yo…Read More

  2. Guaranteed Garage Repair Offers Complete Home Garage Services

    As a Florida resident, you’re aware of how important your garage door can be in keeping your property safe from heavy rains and high winds. You’re also likely aware of how risky it can be to go through hurricane season with an improperly functioning overhead door. No matter your residential needs, the team at Guaranteed Garage Repair in Stuart are here to help! Our technicians provide professi…Read More

  3. Need Garage Door Services in Jupiter? Our Florida Pros Can Help!

    As we head through the storm season, many Jupiter residents are taking time to inspect their garage doors to ensure that their property is protected in the event of strong winds and surging water levels. If now is the time for you to inspect your property and make the call for professional garage door repairs, our team is here and ready to provide guaranteed quality! Guaranteed Garage Repair in Ju…Read More

  4. Stay Safe During Hurricane Season With a Few Preparedness Tips

    Summer is nearly here, causing many Americans to spend more time out in the sun. If you live along Florida’s Atlantic coast, then this warmer weather also signals the beginning of hurricane season. Between the possibilities of a strong storm season and the restrictive nature of COVID-19 lockdowns, now is the time to take steps to ensure that your family is prepared. June is also Garage Door Safe…Read More

  5. Celebrate Garage Door Safety Month With Our Safety Tips

    Garage Door Safety Month is coming up, as the weather warms up and more people are out and about (and using their overhead door systems). As the biggest moving part of the home and a popular entry point, it pays to consider a few hazards and safety tips when operating your automatic garage door. Injuries are not common, and often result from faulty or outdated equipment. In any case, taking the ti…Read More

  6. Which Garage Door Repairs are Considered an Emergency?

    When it comes to garage door repairs, Florida residents are often faced with the challenge of determining whether it is an emergency, or if it can wait. In many cases, a broken overhead door can prove to be a major inconvenience, but in some cases, repair services can wait. In certain situations, your problem may constitute a garage door emergency, and should be addressed immediately to keep your …Read More

  7. Guaranteed Garage Repair is Open During Quarantine to Provide Service

    During these troubling times, it can prove challenging trying to find the support you need to keep your home safe and comfortable. If you’ve been spending more time at home than normal, then you may have noticed that your garage door is looking worse for the wear. A close inspection may have revealed the cause of that annoying squeaking noise, or you may have discovered that your garage door spr…Read More

  8. 4 Things to Do With Your Garage While You’re Stuck at Home

    Current world affairs have forced many families to do their civic duties and stay home. While this is a smart choice and one that can potentially save lives, many Florida residents are feeling the anxiety of being cooped up all the time. Now may be the perfect time to look at your to-do list, which likely includes a number of activities associated with the garage. Today, we’ll highlight a few pr…Read More

  9. Our 5 Tips to Help You Buy a New Garage Door

    Now may be the perfect time for you to replace that old garage door with a shiny modern model. New garage doors provide quality improvements in safety, functionality, and beauty, allowing Florida homeowners to benefit from sure protection and lasting peace of mind. If you’re in the market for a new garage door but are not sure where to start, then you’ve come to the right place! Guaranteed Gar…Read More

  10. What Should You Do if Your Garage Door Cable Breaks?

    Your overhead door has been acting funny lately. After years of reliable service, you decide this is okay and ignore it. One day, you go to open your garage door, only for it to snap or fail entirely. This can be a frightening experience! Further inspection shows that one of the cables has broken entirely. Comprised of galvanized wire surrounding heavy-duty metal, garage door cables are built to b…Read More