1. What Should You Do if Your Garage Door Cable Breaks?

    Your overhead door has been acting funny lately. After years of reliable service, you decide this is okay and ignore it. One day, you go to open your garage door, only for it to snap or fail entirely. This can be a frightening experience! Further inspection shows that one of the cables has broken entirely. Comprised of galvanized wire surrounding heavy-duty metal, garage door cables are built to b…Read More

  2. 6 Symptoms of Broken Garage Door Springs

    Your garage door is likely not a priority on your list until something goes awry. When a problem occurs with the overhead door system, it is often due to the failure of your garage door springs. Sooner or later, everyone’s garage springs wear out and fail, often resulting in unwanted consequences for the entire family. These components are vital in supporting the weight of your garage door and p…Read More

  3. What Can Guaranteed Garage Repair Do For You?

    Storm season is over, and if you’re like many Florida residents, then you’re preparing for the next round of intense weather next year. It pays to be ready, but when it comes to your garage door, is everything up to speed and in working condition? Now may be the perfect time to rectify that squeaking garage door or repair those bent tracks. If your overhead door is well past its prime, you may…Read More

  4. Want To Increase Your Living Space In The Garage? Follow These Tips!

    The garage has long been a place to store your vehicle and other large toys. From motorcycles to lawnmowers, a range of items often inhabit the garage in dust and darkness. However, if you’re planning on turning this unutilized space into a versatile spot for business, pleasure, or any of life’s adventures, then it pays to take the time to do things right! Keep reading for a few of our tips on…Read More

  5. Keep Your Garage Door in Peak Condition With Our Garage Tune-Up Special!

    Storm season has finally passed, and if you’re like many Florida homeowners, then you likely have “inspect garage door” on your to-do list. The high winds and constant moisture associated with our geographic location makes fixing your overhead door as soon as possible a must, before the damage worsens. You want to make sure that your system is ready for the winter and new year, but maybe you…Read More

  6. The Benefits of Installing a New Garage Door

    Certain home improvements can provide a lot of enjoyment and value for the family. One key project is to replace that old, dingy overhead door with a modern replacement. Investing in a new garage door may prove to be one of the best home improvements you make this year, especially with storm season still in full force. Guaranteed Garage Repair specializes in garage door installations in Stuart and…Read More

  7. Should I Repair Or Replace My Garage Door?

    Over time, your Florida home’s garage door will begin to wear down and require ongoing maintenance to continue operating safely and effectively. After so many years of quality use, you may begin to wonder, “Should I replace my garage door?” It’s beneficial to find a local garage door company with the ability to outfit your property for success, and Guaranteed Garage Repair is here to help!…Read More

  8. Stay Safe This Hurricane Season With Our Garage Door Company’s 6 Tips

    As the biggest moving component of your Florida home, the garage door serves as a major source of convenience. When inclement weather moves in, however, this entryway can be the weak point for destructive forces. Hurricane season is still in full effect, with intense heat throughout the tropics spurring more intensive weather than expected. If you still have not fully prepared your family and home…Read More

  9. Does Your Garage Door Keep Reversing When Closing? Follow These Steps!

    The garage door can be a convenient component of your Florida home, providing easy access in a safe, effective manner. However, if something begins to go awry, many homeowners start to stress out. You don’t want to be left out in the rain this season, and you certainly do not want to leave your garage open! It pays to reach out to your local professionals for garage door services to ensure your …Read More

  10. All About Garage Door Cable Replacements

    Hurricane season is here, and many Florida residents are focused on keeping their overhead doors safe and secure against high winds and torrential rainfall. While many homeowners are focused on the panels and door itself, they often fail to inspect the internal components responsible for safe and efficient openings. Most often, people call our garage door company in Port St. Lucie for service to f…Read More