1. Want To Expand Your Living Space? Try The Garage

    Homeowners across Florida depend on their garages to house vehicles, tools, and all manner of possessions not deemed necessary for indoor storage. One way to increase the enjoyability of your property without the high price tag is to finish your garage and turn it into an interior addition, complete with the proper wall finishes and flooring. This may prove to be an ideal situation, but requires y…Read More

  2. Spring May Be The Perfect Time To Call For Garage Door Repairs

    March is here, and before you know it, we’ll be back into the fall season and preparing for 2020. Before that time, though, it’s important to make the most out of spring and enjoy the great weather. Homeowners across Florida often spend the spring season updating their properties and preparing for the stormier weather ahead. If you’re planning on making the most out of this time, then don’…Read More

  3. Symptoms, Dangers, And DIY Tips For Unbalanced Garage Doors

    In most cases, homeowners give their overhead door system little thought. That is, until something goes wrong. Residents of Florida understand how intense local weather conditions can be, and know to seek out garage door repairs when needed. One common problem that may occur after years of use is an imbalance in the garage door’s springs, which are designed to store tension and utilize that ener…Read More

  4. Our Team Highlights 5 Common Causes for Garage Door Repairs

    Garage doors are built to operate in any weather, serving you reliably for years at a time. While these devices are designed to be durable, the heavy weights and normal wear and tear placed on overhead door systems can add up. If you’re worried about your roll-up door working properly, our garage door repair pros are here and ready to help! Guaranteed Garage Repair has helped residents from Stua…Read More

  5. Dealing With a Loud Garage Door? You May Need Professional Garage Door Repairs

    Garage doors can be loud, but sometimes, worsening equipment may lead to strange sounds that may alarm the neighbors. Moreover, these noises are often indicative of a problem beneath the surface. If you’ve been dealing with increasingly strange sounds coming from the garage door in your Florida home, now may be the time to reach out to a local overhead door company. Guaranteed Garage Repair is h…Read More

  6. Prepare For Storm Season In Florida With Our Professional Garage Door Repairs

    While we are still in the early stages of 2019, many Florida homeowners are preparing for the storm season. Our state is known for its sunshine and stormy weather, and most residents understand the value of being ready when torrential rain and high winds arrive. Hurricane season lasts from the beginning of June to the end of November annually, but it is never too early to prepare for inclement wea…Read More

  7. Rely On Our Garage Door Repairs For The Safest Results

    Safety. While it is a top priority for most families across Florida, many homeowners fail to recognize the danger that their garage doors can present if not properly cared for. Your overhead door is a large, slow-moving piece of equipment that can often be overlooked. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, upwards of 30,000 injuries occur annually from garage door incidents. It is re…Read More

  8. The Value Of Garage Door Repairs And Your Home’s Security

    As a Florida resident, you likely have a wide array of tools and toys at your disposal. Most locals stock their garages full of valuable possessions, including their main mode of transportation. It is essential for homeowners to take extra precautions when it comes to the safety and security of their property, as the garage is often the weakest point of security and the first place potential burgl…Read More

  9. Common Garage Door Problems — The Photo Eyes

    Dealing with a faulty or unreliable garage door can be frustrating. Nobody likes to get stuck outside in the rain, especially with Florida’s intense seasons. If you have problems with your system, it’s essential to seek out professional garage door services for both financial and safety reasons. If you’re in need of garage door repairs in Stuart, Port St. Lucie, or the surrounding areas, our…Read More

  10. Our Garage Door Repair Team Answers Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

    Garage doors play an integral role for every home, but are often forgotten about until something goes wrong. If you live in Florida and are in need of garage door repairs or replacement, it can help to do research and inform yourself on the best way to restore your property’s beauty. The Sunshine State sees a lot of sun and wonderful temperatures, but the stormier seasons can lead to an increase…Read More