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Whether you need garage door troubleshooting help or professionals to replace certain garage door parts, everything Guaranteed Garage Repair does is to ensure your safety and convenience. We understand that your garage door is essential to your daily routine, and we work hard to make sure it is running well. Most garage door repairs must be performed by a qualified professional, so contact us now if you notice or are experiencing:

  • Broken springs, pulleys, cables, sensors, etc.
  • Doors that don’t move.
  • Dented, damaged, or cracked panels.
  • Doors that bounce or shake.
  • Rusted or bent tracks.
  • Noises including screeching, squeaking, or grinding.

All of our parts come from the most trusted names in the garage door industry and are guaranteed by their manufacturer’s warranty. Broken garage door springs are a common problem. We can replace broken garage torsion springs with same-day service. In addition, all of our service and workmanship is guaranteed so you know you are with a garage door repair company you can trust. We will never do any work on your home without discussing it first with you, including what needs to be done, why it needs to be done, and how much it will cost.

Contact us today to learn more and see why we are Florida’s choice for residential garage door repairs. We have offices in Port St. Lucie and West Palm Beach. We also serve many surrounding communities.

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Garage Door Repairs for Your Cables

The cables in your garage door perform a number of essential operations on a daily basis. These high-strength products are made to perform well under pressure, often lifting and lowering your garage door in a safe and controlled manner. Your lift cable, for example, moves through a series of pulleys or is wound up on a spool after use. Each cable is essential for the operations of your garage door. With so much tension and movement, the risks of injury are higher than average when a cable fails. If you live in Florida and are dealing with cable problems, it is essential to seek out professional help to prevent any dangerous outcomes. Guaranteed Garage Repair is here to provide professional garage door repairs in Jupiter and Port St. Lucie, delivering risk-free results that we guarantee you’ll like.

Due to the high risks involved with faulty systems, our team specializes in garage door cable repairs. A broken or dysfunctional cable can stop your overhead door system from running correctly, and it can even fail to protect you and your family in case of a spring failure.

Common Cable Problems

Garage door cables can suffer from a few issues. Generally, you can expect problems when your cables suffer from:

  • Incorrect winding. As your door raises and lowers, a cable is utilized to keep the balance while moving the door in a controlled manner. If the cable is wound up incorrectly, it can become jammed. The result is a door that will stop abruptly, normally with one side lower than the other.
  • Complete unwinding. In some cases, garage door cables have been known to completely unwind from the drum. Professional garage door repair services can help you reconnect this cable.
  • Pulley complications. Worn-out pulleys can cause road bumps in your cable’s moving operations. When the pulleys do not operate smoothly, the door will often become stuck or rest unevenly.
  • Cable failure. Garage door cables can break due to a number of factors, with age being a top contributor to failure. Rust and fraying can also work to weaken your cables, causing an unexpected break.

Prevent Future Problems with Our Garage Door Company

If a cable fails in your overhead door system, it may be due to underlying problems. Replacing the garage door cables yourself can be risky, and if the underlying problem is not addressed, future issues can become much more serious. Garage doors rely on a counterbalance system to work properly as well, making long-term repairs a challenge for many DIYers.

Guaranteed Garage Repair is here to serve as your provider of comprehensive garage door services in Port St. Lucie and Jupiter. Our experienced experts will inspect, adjust, lubricate, and test your system after any garage door repairs to ensure the best possible outcome. Our garage door company also provides regular maintenance and servicing to prevent any issues before they become a risk to both your safety and your finances.

If you are in need of garage door cable repairs for your Florida home, be sure to contact the professionals at Guaranteed Garage Repair first. We offer the best garage door services in the area, providing quality results that are so good that we guarantee them every time. Fill out the form below or contact us today for help!