An image of a wood garage door with windows inset into a rough hewn stone wall.

Over time, your Florida home’s garage door will begin to wear down and require ongoing maintenance to continue operating safely and effectively. After so many years of quality use, you may begin to wonder, “Should I replace my garage door?” It’s beneficial to find a local garage door company with the ability to outfit your property for success, and Guaranteed Garage Repair is here to help!

Our team now specializes in garage door installations in Port St. Lucie in addition to our Top Rated Local® garage door repairs. We’re dedicated to providing high-quality results to clients in need across the area, delivering results that you’ll love, guaranteed.

Before you reach out to us for service, it can help to better understand your overhead door’s current situation. Keep reading for a few common problems to understand if it’s better to repair or replace your garage door, and be sure to contact us when you’re ready for comprehensive service!

The Door Feels Heavy

While nearly all garage doors are considered heavy, it’s important to remember that your garage door springs play a critical role in balancing your door and preventing excess wear and tear. If your lift motor were to go it alone, your system would have to work much harder to open and close the door!

If you’ve noticed that your door feels heavier than it used to, the cause is likely due to worn springs. This isn’t a major setback, as all springs are rated for a finite number of cycles. Many springs are rated to last for 10,000 cycles, which can range from six years to 12 years or more, based on your number of uses.

Our Answer: You can rely on quality garage door repairs to outfit your door with new springs and deliver years of ideal operations. Keep in mind that garage door spring repairs are best left to the professionals, and be sure to contact our garage door company for assistance!

The Door is Sagging

One alarming issue occurs when lowering or opening your overhead door — unbalanced operations. An imbalanced garage door can create serious concerns for your overhead door system, placing excess strain on the vital components. If you’ve noticed that your door is not centered, the cause may be one worn garage door spring.

A professional garage door company will offer repair services which consist of replacing your springs and rehanging the door in a smooth, balanced manner. Doing so will prevent a lot of excess strain on your system and help to keep things operating for years to come!

Our Answer: While you may be able to balance your garage door on your own, keep in mind that the spring replacement should only be done by a qualified professional!

Considerable Cosmetic Concerns

As one major part of the curb appeal of your home, your overhead door system plays a vital role in enhancing the quality appearance of your property. If your garage door has taken on a wealth of scratches, gouges, dents, corrosion, or any other issues that affect the ongoing aesthetics of your Florida home, then now may be the perfect time to consider a brand-new garage door.

There is only so much that can be done to correct the visual imperfections of your overhead door. If you’re trying to keep your door in shining condition, be sure to perform seasonal maintenance to keep dirt, debris, and other contaminants away.

Our Answer: Garage door repairs may help to offset the cost of buying a new door, but keep in mind that a garage door replacement will provide high-quality improvements to the curb appeal of your property.

Severe Damages

Storm season is still in full swing, and if your garage door has sustained damage from the high winds or intense rain, now may be the time to consider a replacement. Our team specializes in residential garage door services, but if the total cost of repairs will end up in close range to investing in a new door, we’ll tell you!

A new garage door can help to reduce the maintenance and safety concerns you are currently dealing with. Older overhead doors rely on outdated technology and may not be equipped to operate nominally in the future. This can be especially true if storm damage has impacted the tracks, pulleys, springs, or door itself.

Our Answer: Garage door repairs may suffice, but if the costs will be higher than normal, a replacement service may be the most cost-effective outcome. Plus, your home will look great!

Ready for a New Garage Door?

Guaranteed Garage Repair of Port St. Lucie specializes in garage door installations to help you find a quality outcome for your home. In many cases, it can prove much more beautiful and ultimately cost-effective to opt for a new garage door as opposed to maintaining an old one.

Are you ready to benefit from the top residential garage door company in the area? Contact us online now to learn more about our team, and be sure to ask for a quote for your new door!