"Considerations For Your New Garage Door" infographic

While your existing garage door has served you dutifully over the years, sooner or later, it may prove more effective to replace your door versus maintaining it with ongoing repairs. Garage doors come in many sizes and styles, making it essential for Florida homeowners to do their research and make the right decision to best benefit their family and property value moving forward.

If you are looking for a new garage door installation in Jupiter, Port St. Lucie, or any of the surrounding areas, then be sure to get in touch with Guaranteed Garage Repair for complete peace of mind. Our services are Better Than Best, and nobody offers risk-free results like our team. We promise that you’ll be satisfied with the outcome, and we’re ready to go above and beyond to create the best experience that we can.

Keep reading for our top six things to consider when shopping for a new garage door, and be sure to give us a call to receive your free project quote!

Door Material

Based on your goals, our garage door company can offer a variety of garage door materials, each with their own benefits and drawbacks. Steel is a very common material and often the most cost-effective, making it a popular choice for homeowners across the country. Aluminum is better suited for wet environments and will not rust when exposed to corrosive elements. Wood is a classy choice featuring the most beautiful finish, but will require the most upkeep to continue shining. Fiberglass provides aesthetics and durability, but may be more fragile in colder weather. Vinyl is a new material which is making waves for being ultra-durable and easy to maintain.

The makeup of your new garage door will play an important role in meeting your specific needs. Let us know your goals, and we’ll create an effective plan to meet them!

Security Features

Modern garage doors are built to be more secure than ever, relying on new technology to help avoid hacking into the opener or prying your way physically into the garage. You can combine your door with a new opener to take advantage of modern security features, such as rolling-code technology to generate billions of potential passcode combinations.

Safety Features

Customers with small pets or kids can benefit from installing a new garage door because of the safety benefits. Your new door will be clean and free from rusty edges, loose screws, and other concerns. A new opener and sensor system can also ensure that your door stops and reverses direction once it senses an obstruction, possibly saving your family or your property from harm!

Guaranteed Garage Repair also offers services for storm reinforcement to protect your investment from hurricane weatherAesthetic Properties

Simply put, new garage doors look amazing. You can upgrade to a carriage-style garage door for a rustic look, or opt for something more modern to improve your home’s exterior design. Our team can help you find the right material and style to truly increase your curb appeal, adding value and beauty for years to come.

Convenient Upgrades

Many homeowners do not realize how inconvenient their worn-out old doors were until they made the choice to replace them. You’ll love how smooth and quiet your new garage door is, especially if you opt to upgrade it with some more modern features. A wireless keypad is a must for many residents, as well as smartphone integration options to take full control of your overhead door and garage lighting.

Garage Door Opener Capabilities

As we have mentioned, a new garage door opener is a cost-effective upgrade to ensure that your new door has the support and technology needed to work at its best. It’s important to consider the weight of your chosen door with your current opener, or the horsepower demanded from a new opener. If you invest in a lightweight overhead door system, less power is better!

Do More And Save More With Guaranteed Garage Repair

After hundreds of positive client reviews over the years, our local garage door company is ready to prove that we are the right team for the job. We know how to deliver lasting quality and beauty for every install, creating an outcome you’ll be proud of.

Many homeowners do not have a piggy bank for a garage door replacement, which is understandable. Guaranteed Garage Repair is here to offer cost-effective results with zero mistakes to ensure a fast result that you’ll feel good about financing. You can also check out our specials to save even more on many of our offered services.

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