A small garage cabinet for storage.

The garage has long been a place to store your vehicle and other large toys. From motorcycles to lawnmowers, a range of items often inhabit the garage in dust and darkness. However, if you’re planning on turning this unutilized space into a versatile spot for business, pleasure, or any of life’s adventures, then it pays to take the time to do things right!

Keep reading for a few of our tips on how to make the most of the living space in your garage. As Florida’s trusted garage door company, Guaranteed Garage Repair is here to provide ideal results for customers in Stuart, Port St. Lucie, and the surrounding areas. We know what it takes to perfect your overhead door system, and our residential garage pros will be happy to offer inspection services and repairs to ensure that your space is optimally equipped for living activities.

Define Your Space

Before you begin making big changes, it’s important to determine what exactly you plan on using your garage space for. Do you plan on watching football from the comfort of your couch on weekends, or do you plan on bringing in aerobic machines and free weights? You can dedicate your entire garage to one activity, or divide the space to allow for multiple endeavors. We recommend setting the stage for each space before you begin, relying on a measuring tape to help visualize exactly how your garage will look.

Choose Your Seating Style

Hanging out in the garage doesn’t mean you’re stuck with metal stools or old boxes full of junk. One way to make the space more livable is to introduce a range of seating options to help set the tone. Many Floridians rely on stackable lawn furniture while others rely on rocking chairs and plush leather couches for a truly comfortable experience. No matter your preferences, be sure to include enough seating for everyone to have a good time!

Invest in Quality Lighting

Much like the seating, your garage lighting should be enhanced to make the space more comfortable. Many homeowners rely on one bulb affixed to the center of their ceiling, providing just enough ambient light to navigate the garage. We recommend table and floor lamps, string lights, and other cost-effective accessories to illuminate your space with warmth. Ditch that dusty garage lighting and opt for a fresh change!

One way to make your garage more enjoyable during the daytime is to focus on providing as much natural light as possible. New garage doors with windows or transparent sections can help to bring in more sunlight while windows and skylights (if possible) add to the brightness.

Remember Your Storage Needs

We’re all guilty of storing our awkward possessions in the garage, but when it comes to living in this space, storage considerations will need to be made to create the best result. You can find a wide range of storage solutions for your garage, including affordable shelves, drawers, and more. The garage is often used as an auxiliary spot for storage, and now, you can dedicate a select space to storing all of your extra possessions. The right solution will allow easy access to tools and chemicals while keeping the space nice and tidy for daily use.

Enhance the Comfort

This is your space, so be sure to do what makes you feel comfortable! The goal here is to transform your typical garage into an indoor oasis. Be sure to include wall coverings, rugs, tables, and other elements to make the space more livable. You can elect to set up your video games with a full entertainment system or introduce more fresh plants to freshen the air. In either case, adding personal elements can help to create a more comfortable result.

Install a New Garage Door

One smart way to start your garage improvement off on the right foot is to look for a quality garage door replacement. Old, outdated doors are often inconvenient and dangerous, impacting the aesthetic quality of your new living space in addition to you and your guests’ overall comfort. A new garage door can provide smooth results to make your space more appealing, including quieter opening and closing operations, aesthetic improvements, and more. There are many benefits associated with a new garage door, so be sure to consider this option if your current system is in need of replacement.

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