An image of a garage door opener in action.

The garage door can be a convenient component of your Florida home, providing easy access in a safe, effective manner. However, if something begins to go awry, many homeowners start to stress out. You don’t want to be left out in the rain this season, and you certainly do not want to leave your garage open! It pays to reach out to your local professionals for garage door services to ensure your system is working perfectly for years to come!

Guaranteed Garage Repair is here to provide Top Rated Local® garage door repairs to Jensen Beach, Stuart, and the surrounding areas, relying on the best products and training to deliver results that are Better Than Best. We understand how inconvenient it can be waiting to fix your garage door, and our team is happy to help with same-day results that we guarantee. We also offer garage door opener services!

We’re dedicated to helping local customers achieve the best results for their garage door systems. Today, we’ll discuss a few tips to help you correct the issue if your overhead door begins to close, then suddenly reverses back to its open position.

Check the Path

One of the simplest things to do is to check between the photo eyes of your sensor system (located at the bottom of each truck just above the concrete). It’s surprising how disruptive a stray box or broomhandle can be! Your overhead door relies on these photo eyes to check for a clear path before finishing the closing procedure. Any small changes to this path can send a signal to reverse your door.

Inspect Your Garage Door Sensors

Once the area is clear underneath your overhead door, now is the time to inspect the photo eyes themselves. The lenses emit an infrared beam, meaning that any small interruptions in the path can trigger a reversal. Many homeowners are surprised to find that a smattering of dust or debris is to blame. In some cases, an errant leaf can become stuck within the site picture, resulting in varying outcomes when the garage door is activated.

Check your safety sensors and be sure to clean off the lens if you notice any debris present. A small dusting can do much to improve the results, so be sure to clean accordingly!

Correct the Alignment

Your safety sensors rely on a fairly precise alignment to help ensure no humans or property is in the way of the closing door. One fairly common cause for problems is an improper alignment, as these sensors are in a prime spot to be bumped or jarred.

Homeowners can easily check to see if their photo eyes are aligned properly. Each sensor will have a status light on it to help you diagnose the problem. Regardless of the colors, if both lights should be solid and not blinking. If you notice that the lights are blinking, try to adjust each sensor until the lights are solid.

Achieve Peace of Mind Today!

These simple steps can do much to help eliminate or narrow down the cause of your problem. You can take a few minutes to inspect your safety sensors to look for any issues, as simple errors can often result in quick and convenient repairs. If none of these suggestions have fixed the problem, then it may be time to close your door and call for repairs.

To close your garage door, first ensure that the path between photo eyes is clear, then hold down the opener button on your wall to manually override the sensors and close the door completely. If your door is dealing with other issues, you can also elect to disconnect the automatic opener by pulling the red release handle for a manual close. Then, you can reach out to our garage door company for complete assistance.

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