An image of an old blue truck in a a broken down garage.

When it comes to garage door repairs, Florida residents are often faced with the challenge of determining whether it is an emergency, or if it can wait. In many cases, a broken overhead door can prove to be a major inconvenience, but in some cases, repair services can wait. In certain situations, your problem may constitute a garage door emergency, and should be addressed immediately to keep your family and loved ones safe, while also minimizing the cost of additional damages. But what constitutes a garage emergency?

Guaranteed Garage Repair of Jupiter, Florida, is here and ready to provide you complete peace of mind during these unprecedented times. We are considered an essential business, and are happy to discuss the nature of your home needs during COVID-19 restrictions.

Today, we’ll briefly discuss what counts as a home emergency, and what can be considered routine garage door repairs.

Broken Garage Door Springs

The spring on your overhead door provides smooth open and close operations, providing support and storing energy in order to reduce the drag and ongoing wear and tear on your system. A broken garage door spring should be easy to diagnose, as your door will suddenly drop and may fall off of its track. Damaged garage door springs may be harder to diagnose, and should be inspected regularly to ensure your system is safe. A broken garage door spring has the potential to hurt your property or anyone in the vicinity, so be sure to call if you need assistance!

Damaged Garage Door Cables

The cables on your garage door are tasked with providing the stability and support needed to allow your springs to work. While your garage door cable is built to be strong, ongoing damages and corrosion can lead to degradation and a higher potential for failure. While you may be able to inspect your cables and make minor adjustments, keep in mind that this can be hazardous work. What’s worse, damaged cables have the potential to fail, leaving your door unsupported and likely unbalanced. 

Garage Door Opener Will Not Work

You need to go get groceries or other essentials, and come out to your garage only to find that your opener is not working. It is possible to disconnect your overhead door through a cable for manual lifting and lowering, but it may prove difficult trying to live life having to get out and unlock your door each and every time. In some cases, you may find that a broken garage door opener impacts your ability to leave the house at all. In this scenario, it pays to call for emergency garage door repairs!

Access Concerns

Regardless of the condition of your overhead door, it can prove to be an emergency situation if you can’t get access into your home or if everyone has easy access. A broken garage door that won’t close completely can provide an easy entrance into your home, putting your family and belongings in possible danger. While wild animal concerns aren’t as pressing along Florida’s Atlantic coast as further inland, this entrance can prove to be an irresistible temptation for critters such as raccoons.

If you come home and find that your door is stuck open or closed, we recommend reaching out to our garage door company for emergency assistance. Our technician will arrive at your home in a timely manner with a fully stocked truck, ensuring that you get the garage door repairs you need, and fast!

Our Garage Door Company Offers 24/7 Repairs

Guaranteed Garage Repair specializes in garage door repairs in Jupiter, Stuart, Port St. Lucie, and the surrounding areas. We offer same-day garage services to ensure that you benefit from our guaranteed work, and we’re available 24 for emergency garage door repairs if needed. We’re so confident that you’ll love the results that we guarantee the outcome! If you’re ready for service that is Better Than Best, be sure to contact us today for complete assistance!