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Garage Door Safety Month is coming up, as the weather warms up and more people are out and about (and using their overhead door systems). As the biggest moving part of the home and a popular entry point, it pays to consider a few hazards and safety tips when operating your automatic garage door. Injuries are not common, and often result from faulty or outdated equipment. In any case, taking the time to inspect your overhead door system can help to achieve peace of mind for the months and weather to come.

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Keep reading for a few safety tips to help us celebrate this month, and be sure to schedule your appointment for a free 31-point safety inspection!

Perform Your Own Garage Door Inspection

The most effective and affordable way to keep your garage door in optimal condition is to perform your own inspections on a routine basis. Early detection of problems can help to save time and frustration, before minor repairs turn into major projects. A little research and preparation can help you to keep an eye out for a variety of possible problems.

In order to maintain your overhead door, it’s important to inspect the major components of the system:

  • Garage door cables — The steel wires comprising your cables are tasked with providing balance and support while your door opens and closes. Over time, normal wear-and-tear can lead to fraying and corrosion, impacting the strength of the cable. If you notice considerable damage along the cables located above or beside your garage door, be sure to call for professional assistance.
  • Garage door springs — These components rated to last a certain number of cycles, with a failure being inevitable if proper intervention is not taken. A broken garage door spring can prove to be dangerous, especially if modified by an untrained individual. 
  • Garage door opener — Inspect your garage door opener for signs of wear. Daily use can cause wires and connections to back out, so be sure to check these components if your opener is not operating normally. You can also check the batteries in your remote to help avoid being stuck out in the dark later on!
  • Tracks, rollers, and pulleys — The path of travel for your overhead door should be clean and free from any dents or breaks. Watch these components as your door opens and closes to ensure that everything is functioning properly.
  • Safety reverse — Your door is equipped with a reversing mechanism in the event that it encounters an obstruction while closing. Place a board or block in the way of the door and allow the door to contact the object. If the door reverses, then your safety mechanism is functioning properly.

While periodic checks of your overhead door are very helpful, we still suggest scheduling annual maintenance with a local garage door company for a professional look at the integrity of your system. A trained technician can provide a full safety inspection to help you achieve peace of mind for the next year.

Invest in a Modern Garage Door Opener

Industry data shows that garage door injuries are oftentimes due to a faulty garage door opener. Malfunctions or miscommunications with your garage door system can cause unwanted results, increasing the chance of injury. If you’re relying on an outdated opener, now may be the perfect time to consider purchasing an upgrade.

Guaranteed Garage Repair offers garage door opener installations and repair services to ensure that your family and property are safe from faulty equipment. We also offer specials to save even more on our affordable installation services, including a ¾ HP Guardian Access Elite Series opener for only $469!

Secure Your Garage Door Opener

A garage door remote in a vehicle represents an opportunity for thieves to gain entry into the home. Instead of relying on a standard remote to open and close your garage door, you can utilize a keychain-friendly clicker to travel with you. If you’re worried about multiple family members not being able to securely gain access through the garage door, a keypad and strong pin are cost-effective solutions.

Be Prepared for Hurricane Season

June also signals the start of hurricane season here along the Atlantic coast, signaling many homeowners across to check their overhead door systems to ensure that the proper bracing elements are in place. The garage door is often the most vulnerable point of entry during a hurricane, creating an entry point for strong winds and water to enter. Guaranteed Garage Repair offers hurricane door services to ensure that your equipment is repaired, maintained, or upgraded to get the job done.

Watch Your Fingers

During hurricane season, power outages can lead to the manual operation of some garage doors for entry. It can prove dangerous in such distracting conditions to place your finger in between the sections, as this will pinch and cause possible injury. Annual statistics show a surprising number of finger injuries due to opening or closing a garage door, so mind your hand placement when handling your overhead door!

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