A beautiful neighborhood in the middle of a serious rainstorm.

We are well into hurricane season, and many Florida homeowners are taking advantage of the good weather to prepare their garage doors for the inclement weather. As a large, moving component, your overhead door is often the weakest component within the home against high winds and heavy rainfall. The larger your garage opening is, the more you will need to focus on preparing properly in case a large storm makes landfall.

Guaranteed Garage Repair is here to provide professional garage door repairs in Palm City, Jensen Beach, and the surrounding areas, delivering customer-first services and guaranteed results. Our technicians understand how essential an operating overhead door system is, and we can work with you to create an effective, affordable plan to address any of your garage door needs.

Forecasters have recently boosted the number of expected storms throughout the Atlantic hurricane season, making it essential for locals to take the proper steps to be prepared. If you’re looking for assistance in affordably restoring your overhead door, be sure to contact our team for a free quote!

The Dangers of High Winds

Many locals know how destructive high winds can be, especially gusts exceeding 74 miles per hour. Keep in mind that Category 1 storms must sustain gusts of 74 mph for one full minute while a Category 5 hurricane can consist of sustained winds over 156 mph. The level of preparedness you bring can help to protect against damage and subsequent danger.

Intense winds can batter and pull at your overhead door, compromising its integrity until one strong gust pulls the door away from your garage. This can lead to an intense buildup of air pressure within, increasing the potential for the roof and walls to blow out in the process.

Proactively Prepare

While storm season is here, it does not mean that you are too late to prepare for inclement weather! We recommend scheduling garage door services ASAP as opposed to waiting for an imminent storm to strike. Proper inspections and garage door maintenance now can ensure your system is ready to work once the rain starts

You can take steps to better reinforce your garage door if the winds start to pick up speed. Homeowners who do not have a storm-ready system can invest in a wind load post, which can be set up quickly to provide a centralized level of support against brutal wind gusts at both the top and bottom of your door.

The most effective (and often most affordable) way to prepare for hurricane season is to reach out to a local professional for garage door maintenance and inspection services. Quality garage door tune-ups can help to ensure every component is up to speed, creating strong results that will help to keep your property secure. Guaranteed Garage Repair offers a full tune-up for just $29.95, so be sure to check out our specials before calling today!

Checking Wind Standards

As a hub for intense storms, Florida’s southern Atlantic Coast must adhere to several building codes and regulations to prepare for the worst situations. If your current system is not working properly now, it will likely fail you once the bad weather arrives!

It’s important to do your research to ensure your Florida home is properly outfitted for storm season. Reach out to local professionals for garage door services to help you ensure that you are receiving the right information to make the most of your overhead door system. Spending the time and money on preventative measures now will likely result in quality protection later on. If you notice any component in need of service, be sure to contact our local garage door company for complete assistance.

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Being prepared for hurricane season can provide considerable peace of mind for locals. If you’re worried about the condition of your overhead door system, then it pays to invest in Top Rated Local® garage door services to get the job done. Guaranteed Garage Repair is proud to be your top source for garage door repairs in Palm City, Port St. Lucie, and the surrounding areas. We’re confident that we can deliver an affordable and effective result, and we guarantee that you will love the outcome! Contact us today to learn more and to receive your free quote.