An image of a garage door slowly opening.

Your overhead door has been acting funny lately. After years of reliable service, you decide this is okay and ignore it. One day, you go to open your garage door, only for it to snap or fail entirely. This can be a frightening experience! Further inspection shows that one of the cables has broken entirely.

Comprised of galvanized wire surrounding heavy-duty metal, garage door cables are built to be tough. Once they fail to work, your entire garage door system can be compromised, as well as the safety of your loved ones and property. If you’re in need of garage door repairs in Palm City, Port St. Lucie, or any of the surrounding areas, then Guaranteed Garage Repair is here to help!

Keep reading to learn what you should do in the event that your garage door cables break, and be sure to contact us when you’re ready for Top Rated® Local garage services!

Inspect the Problem

First and foremost, you will need to find and confirm the source of your problems. We recommend taking the time to inspect your overhead door for issues. This process should include visual inspection of the springs, cables, pulleys, tracks, and garage door opener. Was this caused by a faulty cable, or some other problem? You’ll also need to identify the type of springs and cables your overhead door relies on.

What type of garage door springs do you have?

Retaining cables are commonly found in homes and businesses with extension springs. As the name suggests, these cables are tasked with keeping the springs in place, especially for when a failure occurs. You can find these cables within the extension springs, located vertically along both sides of the door.

Lift cables are tasked with lifting the garage door in systems with torsion springs. These cables are connected to the bottom corners of the door and the tension springs above the door, helping to provide strength and balance while the door opens or closes.

What Caused the Problem?

While garage door springs are expected to last a certain number of cycles, heavy-duty garage door cables are a different matter. You can expect years of quality use without issue, but keep in mind that external forces may accelerate their wear and tear. Problems such as excess moisture near the bottom of the door, misalignments along the track, or warped pulleys can cause serious friction, leaving your garage door cables susceptible to rust and corrosion. Problems such as rust account for many repair services on a daily basis!

Guaranteed Garage Repair works to solve problems at their source, avoiding the need for future garage door repairs. Our technician will inspect your property, diagnose the problem, and provide industry-leading solutions to create results that are Better Than Best!

Stop Using the Garage Door

Many homeowners will discover that their overhead door still operates, just at a slower pace. One broken cable can transfer all of the pressure and tension onto the remaining cable (which is also likely compromised), resulting in uneven lifting and serious strain. Continual use of your garage door can cause serious damage and result in more costly repairs later on!

Don’t Attempt Garage Door Repairs!

If you search for garage door cable repairs online, you’ll likely find a wealth of videos and tutorials detailing how to successfully repair your overhead door system. While it is possible to successfully complete your own project, it’s important to remember that thousands of homeowners are injured annually while performing their own garage door repairs. These springs and cables are under immense pressure and support serious weight loads — only take on the repair if you are trained and confident in your abilities. Otherwise, reaching out to a professional garage door company is the right choice!

Call Our Professional Garage Door Company

Guaranteed Garage Repair is here to provide professional garage door repairs across Palm City, Port St. Lucie, and beyond. Our team has the equipment and expertise to address any problem across numerous makes and models, and we’re so confident that you’ll be satisfied with our services that we guarantee the result!

Don’t put off your garage door repairs; instead, turn to Guaranteed Garage Repair for professional services and complete peace of mind. Simply put, our work is Better Than Best!