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Homeowners across Florida depend on their garages to house vehicles, tools, and all manner of possessions not deemed necessary for indoor storage. One way to increase the enjoyability of your property without the high price tag is to finish your garage and turn it into an interior addition, complete with the proper wall finishes and flooring. This may prove to be an ideal situation, but requires you to address your garage door before continuing.

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To get you thinking about alternative uses for your garage, keep reading for tips that may help throughout the process. If you’re in need of garage door repairs, don’t hesitate to contact us for same-day service!

Plan Your Space

Before you begin, it helps to narrow down what exactly your garage space will be used for. Recreation areas that are utilized for ping pong competitions will look far different than garage spaces utilized for movies. Maybe this is the new place for your kid’s playhouse or fortress of doom. Remember that many great bands and businesses started in the garage. No matter your plan, it’s important to plan ahead and ensure you have the time and budget in place to pull such plans off.

Installing a new living space in your garage can do much to increase your home’s convenience, but it can also add to its overall value. It can help to find the help of professionals to assist in maximizing the efficiency of this often underutilized space.

Set the Stage

No matter your plans, it pays to invest the energy into creating the right environment. Friends will not be able to enjoy your new hangout spot if there are tools and chemicals out and about, and many people will feel a lot more comfortable sleeping in your garage if it features finished walls.

Some homeowners may divide up their garage space to feature different activities. You can split your garage into quadrants, or divide the room in half for varying purposes. Installing the correct infrastructure for your new space will provide serious comfort and value.

Illuminate Your Space

Some homeowners will write their garage lighting off as unimportant. These individuals will likely find that their beautiful new space still has a garage feel. We recommend taking the time to implement a quality lighting plan, creating proper illumination for each area and activity. Overhead lights come in all shapes and sizes, and they can provide proper ambient lighting for spaces without natural light. You can also rely on floor and table lamps to set the ambiance.

If you are a fan of sunshine, try adding a window along the side of your garage. You can also invest in a new garage door with glass panels or transparent materials to discreetly allow sunshine through. As long as your room feels like a new home addition as opposed to a dark garage, your guests will be happy!

Focus on Comfort

The goal of transforming your garage into an indoor sanctuary relies on creating a major change from the outside world. Rugs, couches, chairs, futons, and more can all be utilized in this space to create comfort. Keep in mind that cold concrete can be very uncomfortable. Warm, inviting surfaces allow family members and guests to relax and unwind. Regardless of your plans, be sure to collect the proper accoutrements to create the best area for relaxing comfortably.

One piece of the puzzle that many DIYers put off is finding the right flooring for their finished garage space. You can elect to install padding and carpet, tiles, or any other material provided the right subfloor conditions are met. Those looking for a durable and cost-effective result can invest in an epoxy floor coating or paint finish to create a smooth, protective shine.

Plan for Storage Accordingly

Finishing your garage and turning it into an extra room is great for your classic rock cover band, but keep in mind that all of your garage items will need to be stored accordingly. Florida homeowners often relocate their mowers, car ramps, and other exterior possessions to a nearby shed or construct a miniature port to keep property safe. You can also create a storage space that stores all of your goods in the garage without impeding any other activities. Regardless of where your extra property goes, be sure to plan ahead, or you may be stuck with a living space full of inconvenience.

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