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Current world affairs have forced many families to do their civic duties and stay home. While this is a smart choice and one that can potentially save lives, many Florida residents are feeling the anxiety of being cooped up all the time. Now may be the perfect time to look at your to-do list, which likely includes a number of activities associated with the garage.

Today, we’ll highlight a few productive tasks to improve your garage space and help you feel productive doing it, such as inspecting your overhead door. Guaranteed Garage Repair is here to provide local garage door repairs to Stuart and the surrounding communities. If you need help with your home, our team is available by phone and ready to lend a hand!

Schedule a Cleanout Day

Hanging out at home will leave you with plenty of time to look around your place, which may result in a surprising truth — your house is a mess! Many homeowners are taking time to clean out their closets, basement, and other storage spaces, which means the garage will be right in the thick of the action.

Before things stack up in your garage, we recommend taking the time to carve out some space in your calendar to clear out this versatile space. In just two or three hours, you can expect major improvements in the cleanliness and organization of your garage. Once everything is done, you’ll have a clear view on how your space stands and plenty of room to get a project started!

Finish a Project

Being stuck at home doesn’t mean that you can’t be productive! Now may be the perfect time to finish that project you’ve been too busy of late to take on. Whether you have a bench you wish to build to complete your garden or you need to replace the water pump on your car or truck, the garage is the perfect place to set up shop and get to work. Bonus points if you decided to clean your garage out before starting on a big project!

We recommend designating an area specifically for your project. This spot can consist of a small workspace near the entry door, or it can include half of the garage being roped off. Either way, it is essential to define your space and keep things separated to avoid confusion later on.

Start a Donation Pile

In the midst of cleaning everything out and making room in the home, you’ll likely be left with a number of items and no conceivable need for them. In situations like this, it can help to donate your unneeded items to a local organization to help individuals in need in your community. This is a good way to support a good cause while also allowing you to make room in your home. As you clean out your garage (and other rooms), be sure to designate a place for your family to place donatable items. Be sure to ask if the item is truly valuable to them or if it brings any happiness. If the answer is no, then donation may be the right choice.

Inspect Your Garage Door

One proactive way to avoid the need for emergency garage repairs is to take the time to inspect your overhead door system for visual signs of trouble. If you notice any obvious problems with your garage, it’s better to call and schedule garage door repairs now, as the problem will only worsen over time.

If you’re interested in proper garage door maintenance, check out our list below for a few key spots to inspect:

  • Sensor system — The eye sensors of your garage door opener should be aligned and securely attached to avoid any problems. Check that these systems are in place and functioning properly.
  • Door balance — Does your door seem to be sagging? You can turn off your garage door opener, switch it into manual mode, then open the door about halfway. A balanced door will remain steady and not fall to the ground.
  • Spring condition — Broken garage door springs can impact your home and make life harder for everyone. Check along the top of your garage door (for torsion springs) and above the upper tracks on each side of your door (for extension springs) to look for signs of wear and tear. If you see any damage or hear excessive squeaking, it may prove beneficial to speak to a professional.
  • Garage door cables — Your garage’s lifting cables are tasked with holding serious weight, and if rust or damage begins to show, a future failure may be possible. It’s important to speak with a professional if you need garage door cable repairs or a replacement!
  • Rollers and pulleys — These components are vital for a smooth operation, but can become warped or cracked over time. Check the rollers attached along the sides of your door (as well as the pulleys attached to the cables) for any signs of trouble. If your rollers need replacement, new parts are affordable and relatively easy to replace.

Need Garage Door Repairs?

If you have noticed any signs of trouble with your overhead door, it’s important to contact a trustworthy garage door company to provide the right repairs and complete peace of mind. Guaranteed Garage Repair offers a risk-free guarantee for all of the work we perform, and we’re confident that you’ll love the results of our work! No other garage door company in Florida works as hard to deliver results that are Better Than Best!

Guaranteed Garage Repair is here to serve as your trusted source for high-quality garage door repairs in Stuart and the surrounding areas. Do you wish to see how affordable our garage door services can be in making the most of your project this weekend? Contact us online for your project quote!