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Summer is here, and if you’re reading this post, it’s likely because you’re in need of garage door services. June has been designated as Garage Door Safety Month by both the Door & Access Manufacturers Association (DASMA) and the International Door Association (IDA), as more people are home throughout this season. If it’s been a while since you’ve inspected your overhead door, now may be the perfect time to do it!

Florida residents have come to rely on Guaranteed Garage Repair for years for complete peace of mind. Our technicians specialize in garage door repairs and replacement services across Stuart, Port St. Lucie, and the surrounding areas, and we’re ready to deliver services that are simply Better Than Best.

Since this month focuses on the safety components surrounding your garage door system, we’ll spend some time today to highlight a few safety tips to help prepare for a fun and sun-filled summer. If you’re in need of professional garage door services, be sure to contact us today!

Inspect Your Cables

Garage door cables undergo a lot of wear and tear over the seasons, delivering the strength and support needed to smoothly move your overhead door. Oftentimes, these cables can operate reliably for years on end until a problem suddenly develops, leaving you and your vehicle out in the dark!

Be sure to inspect the cables that attach to your garage door spring, attached at bottom brackets along both sides of the door. Keep in mind while you’re checking that garage door cables can fail suddenly. Any signs of wear, including fraying, can be indicative of the need for cable replacements. Our team can provide the lift cables and safety cables needed to properly support your door.

Replace Old Springs

Garage door springs take on much of the stress associated with opening and closing your door, and are often the most susceptible to problems over time. A spring failure can result in a loss of support, creating the potential to cause serious property damage or injury! If your springs are worn out, replacements can prove to be a cost-effective investment!

Professional services are recommended for anyone taking on garage door spring replacements. These components are under considerable pressure, and can prove to be very dangerous for untrained DIYers. Be sure to reach out to a local garage door company for assistance, and make sure both of your springs are replaced if you have two!

Keep Kids Away

Tiny fingers can cause a lot of concern in the garage, especially if children are allowed access to the opener. Kids love the garage, and may take this opportunity to play with the controls. If your children can reach the garage door opener switch, it may be time for a safety talk!

If your kids will be in the garage this summer, be sure to explain to them how important safety is to ensure a fun time. Keep a close eye on children in the garage, as it is often host to a variety of hazardous materials, as well!

Address Unusual Noises

While overhead doors aren’t designed to be silent, most Florida homeowners will notice when their system begins to emit strange sounds. Before the summer season begins, it can help to apply a lubricant (one made for garage doors!) to the contact surfaces to reduce any squeaking.

If your overhead door generates alarming sounds after being lubricated, it may be time to call in a professional garage door company for assistance. In many cases, squeaking is caused by the springs during operation. 

Guaranteed Garage Repair is available to provide professional and cost-effective safety inspections, and can help you tailor a plan that best meets your needs. Contact us today for more information!

Update Safety Systems

Older overhead doors rely on outdated technology, creating safety concerns for your family throughout the summer. If your garage door does not have sensors installed, or they are placed incorrectly (many homeowners place them side-by-side to avoid issues!), the potential exists for danger. 

Our team recommends taking the time to ensure that your garage’s photo eyes are correctly aligned and clear from any dirt or debris. If you notice problems that are out of your wheelhouse, feel free to contact our garage door repair specialists for assistance! The Guaranteed team can inspect the components, wiring, and more to ensure everything is working properly.

Know When to Call the Pros

Your overhead door system can provide the right level of convenience throughout the summer months. Many Florida locals elect to spend time in their garages to make the most of the sunshine in a comfortable setting. One of the best steps to take during Garage Door Safety Month is to check whether or not you are qualified for the repairs at hand. Homeowners can put themselves in considerable danger when working with garage door springs and cables, and should always exercise caution when they are not trained for the work at hand.

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We specialize in residential garage door repairs, and can help you to have a fun and safe summer. Contact us today to learn more about our garage door services, and be sure to request your Speedy Fast™ quote!