A man tightening parts on the garage door track.

Effecting your own repairs can prove to be a rewarding and cost-effective endeavor, but it is essential to know your limits and only take on safe DIY projects. When it comes their overhead door, many homeowners believe they can take on the work, but keep in mind that these systems can prove very dangerous if the proper steps are not taken. Minor errors can result in costly or unsafe outcomes, making it essential to only take on garage door repairs if you are fully confident in your ability to do so.

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If you are dealing with issues, our technicians provide garage door repairs from Stuart to West Palm Beach and everywhere in between. Learn about a few repairs and whether or not that are DIY-worthy, and be sure to contact us today to schedule any needed services!


Garage door rollers provide a vital role in the smooth operation of your system, but the high wear and tear and low product cost makes this product a commonly needed repair. Many homeowners are surprised to learn how affordable rollers can be, and will often rely on DIY videos to safely swap them out.

Isolate your garage door to prevent it from dropping, release your door with the release rope, unplug your opener, and prep the tracks. Now, you can simply take the old rollers out and replace them before returning your door to its original condition.

Verdict: Replacing the rollers on your overhead system can reduce noise and friction at a very affordable price tag. DIYers can replace these for quality results, or call our garage door company!

Garage Door Springs

Your overhead door’s springs are rated to last a certain number of cycles. Sooner or later, this vital component will wear out, requiring homeowners to invest in professional garage door spring repairs or take on the work themselves. DIY repairs for this problem are not recommended, as garage door springs can be dangerous if the proper steps are not taken. These systems are complex, making it difficult for inexperienced homeowners to be able to diagnose the source of the problem, let alone the garage door repairs.

Homeowners with torsion springs must exercise additional caution, as these systems store immense amounts of energy and can act unreliably if put under pressure or dismounted improperly.

Verdict: Leave garage door spring repairs to our professionals!

Garage Door Cables

The cable that secures your overhead door holds the important task of resisting alternating forces over the course of years. DIYers have been able to find success in replacing their garage door cable, but this outcome only occurs with the proper steps and tools. To start, you will need locking pliers or vice grips, sockets, wrenches, winding bars, gloves, a ladder, safety glasses, and the replacement cable.

Frayed or rusted cables can be a sign of trouble, and should be inspected by a local garage door company for the best results. Keep in mind that you will need to release the tension stored in your garage door springs. Failure to do so can cause the springs to fail without warning, putting you in serious jeopardy!

Verdict: While doable, replacing the cable requires spring work, which is best left to the pros!

Garage Door Openers

Garage door openers provide the vital movement that operates your overhead door, safely opening and closing your system for easy access. If your opener is dealing with technical issues, it can prove difficult trying to diagnose the issue on your own. Failing to make the proper repairs may create a safety risk, which is why it is important to consider professional garage door repairs if you are not sure how to proceed.

Garage door opener installation is a fairly straightforward process, but bear in mind that each component will need to be placed perfectly for quality results. Any misalignment during installation, including an unbalanced garage door or off-center rail, may result in dangerous outcomes that will ultimately cost more to fix. You can succeed with proper planning and execution, but otherwise our experts are here and happy to help!

Verdict: While garage door openers can be installed with DIY skills, repairing them requires product knowledge and training for the best long-term results.

Need Garage Door Repairs?

No matter the problem, fixing your garage door is often best left to the professionals. Your local garage door company can provide honest answers and helpful advice for how to best address any issues with our overhead door system. Guaranteed Garage Repair specializes in top-notch garage door repairs across Stuart, Port St. Lucie, and beyond. We are so confident that you will love the results that we guarantee them!

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