A decaying garage door with chipping white paint.

Modern homeowners are always on the lookout for ways to improve their properties, upgrading the convenience and livability while also increasing the home’s value. Kitchen renovations are one prime example of how to increase the comfort and value of your house, improving a key space to make your place more attractive. Walk-in closets, granite countertops, and more can spell success for your home remodel and property value, but what about your broken old garage door?

As the biggest moving component on your home, your overhead door serves a vital function in creating convenient and secure access, yet many homeowners neglect this equipment because they view it as unnecessary. Garage doors should be kept in optimal conditions at all times, especially if you are planning on selling your home. Guaranteed Garage Repair is here to serve as your trusted experts across Southern Florida, and we receive a lot of inquiries into the true value of a properly working garage door.

We specialize in garage door repairs across Stuart, Jupiter, and the surrounding areas, and we’re here to tell you that your overhead door is essential when trying to get the most value out of your property. Today, we’ll highlight three key reasons why a properly working door can increase your home’s value.

Improving Home Value

Most home improvements provide a measurable amount of value to the property, increasing long-term equity while also offsetting the costs of the initial remodeling project. Quality garage doors have yielded return values between 75% and 85%, freeing up considerable capital when it comes time to sell.

Florida citizens rely on their garages for a lot of reasons, which is why your home’s garage door should be in good condition to provide the most protection and value. Doing so can increase the worth of your home for several key reasons.

Expand Storage and Living Space

A properly functioning garage door provides easy access for you and your family when open, while keeping things secure in the closed position. This functionality can provide more room for storing extra goods in addition to expanding your livable space. How you utilize the garage depends on your lifestyle — some homeowners focus on storing tools and fishing equipment, while others finish the surfaces to create a comfortable family room. Many individuals will store emergency rations, extra clothes, candles, and more as well for storm preparedness. No matter the purpose of this versatile home space, it pays to fix your garage door!

Keep Vehicles Safe

The heat, moisture, and high winds associated with storm season across Florida create a strong need for secure vehicle storage. When it comes to your automobiles, a properly working garage door helps to provide easy access while also securing your cars against unwanted intruders. These two factors can play an integral role in determining how much your home is worth, as most buyers are interested in this form of vehicle storage.

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Stylish Results

As a major moving part of the home, the garage door makes up a large portion of your property’s curb appeal. Homeowners can invest in the aesthetics of their overhead door to coordinate with the rest of the property’s scheme, creating a beautiful look that draws buyers in. Beautiful homes with poorly maintained garage doors will see a drop in value, as this space is integral for many Floridians.

If your garage door is broken, unbalanced, or in otherwise poor condition, it is highly recommended to seek out professional garage door services as soon as possible. Doing so can increase the safety of your property, as well as increase the comfort, convenience, and curb appeal. Is your overhead door looking dingy and worn down? Utilize a hose and sponge to quickly improve the look of your property!

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