As the largest moving part on your home, your overhead door system is a complex piece of equipment that must be properly cared for to ensure safe and long-lasting results. It also happens to be at the center of many of life’s activities. While this machine makes life much more convenient, it’s important to keep in mind that daily use can take its toll.

Services as minor as routine garage door maintenance can result in major advantages for your Florida home, providing peace of mind regardless of the time or weather. If you’re on this site in need of professional garage door repairs in Stuart, Port St. Lucie, or beyond, the Guaranteed Garage Repair team is here to help! Our highly trained team is here to provide results so comprehensive in quality that we guarantee the results. This fact alone can prove helpful for homeowners worried about the strain that daily use puts on their overhead doors.

Wear and tear can come from many different sources when it comes to the versatility of your garage door and opener. Read more below to learn about a few of these sources, as well as the value that our garage door company provides your Florida home!

Lifting Heavy Loads

Your cables and springs perform vital functions when it comes to the safety and smooth operation of your overhead door system. Each component in your garage works to deliver stability and control when starting and stopping movement to keep everything in place and working for the long term. Keep in mind that these items are holding a lot of weight 24/7, and use after breakdown begins can quickly result in unsafe situations.

There are a number of factors that determine the total weight of your garage door, including its size, density, material composition, design elements, and more. Weight variables can make it hard to determine how much your door weighs, complicating measures when this number is needed for garage door spring replacements, cable replacements, and more. A basic breakdown to give you an idea of the weights include:

  • Single-frame doors, which are small and simple, can weigh at least 135 pounds.
  • Double-doors, which double the size and complexity, can weigh upwards of 350 pounds.
  • Specialty doors, including glass models and select storm doors, can range over 400 pounds!

Operating Through Friction

The opening and closing process of your overhead door may run smoothly and silently, or it may sound like a train applying its brakes in a hurry. Oftentimes, this unwanted sound comes from the friction between your tracks and rollers. Also keep in mind that your pulleys also generate a lot of friction during use, leading to material degradation. If garage door maintenance services are skipped, this friction can begin to lead to a host of future problems, putting your property and the safety of your family at risk!

Guaranteed Garage Repair is proud to be your trust provider in Stuart, Sebastian, and beyond. Our garage door services include regular maintenance, which provides greasing measures to minimize friction on your critical components. Be sure to call us today to learn about our overhead door maintenance program!

Fighting the Elements

Florida is known for its intense weather patterns, and this storm season is no different! Even new roll-up doors may require garage door repairs after a strong storm system passes through. The wind and rain can both put a lot of stress on the exterior components of your overhead door, causing warping, cracking, rust, and more to develop in the process. The sun is another factor that can majorly impact the quality of your garage door over time. Heavy UV damage can cause a range of damages, compromising the quality of your roll-up door and potentially costing you big!

Those with teenager drivers know the fear of damages stemming from impacts to the garage door. Items such as rocks, tools, and errant baseballs can all cause damage to surface of your door and its hardware, resulting in problems that should be addressed proactively for the best results.

A lot of life happens in the garage, so be sure to invest in the right garage door services. Guaranteed Garage Repair is here to serve as your trusted source for assistance 24/7. Our team specializes in residential garage door repairs in Stuart, Sebastian, Port St. Lucie, and beyond. We’re ready to get to work today to prove the value of our services in keeping your Florida home protected. Contact us today for service!