Tips to Fix Your Garage Door Gaps

When it comes to garage door repairs, some DIY fixes can prove to be effective and rewarding. If you come across any issue with your overhead door that you are uncertain about or uncomfortable with, feel free to reach out to us for same-day service!

Guaranteed Garage Repair is here to help you safely address any and all garage door issues. We suggest inspecting your overhead door system before addressing any issues with one of the below solutions:

Inspect Your Roller Tracks

Oftentimes, a gap will appear if the tracks along either side of your garage door are damaged or out of alignment. Inspect the track to see if it brings the door plumb. Minor alterations can be made to provide the right clearance. If you’ve noticed shaking or stuttering while your door is moving, check the tracks for any signs of damage.

Install Garage Door Stoppers

Vinyl door stop moulding is a great way to seal out dirt, bugs, wind, and to some degree, moisture. A rubber stop along the floor can also help to lessen the gap from the door when resting.

Adjust Limit Switches

These switches, typically located on the side or rear of your opener, control where your door comes to a rest, and can be tuned to lower your door if needed.

Replace the Weatherstripping

The seals along the sides of your overhead door serve a vital function in creating a quality seal to protect from wind and elemental concerns. Inspect your garage door and make the replacement with a proper fit.

Repair Trim if Necessary

Damage to the frame surrounding your garage door may create small gaps. Not only does this impact your curb appeal, but it provides an entry point for rainwater, high winds, invasive critters, and more. Take the proper steps to fill this gap or replace the trim in question.

Calibrate Garage Door Sensors

A malfunction within the sensors of your safety system may impede your door’s ability to move properly and close completely. You can check the sensors along the sides of your door (near the floor), or leave it to a professional for guaranteed results.

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