A garage door settled nicely on it's track.

Dealing with a faulty or unreliable garage door can be frustrating. Nobody likes to get stuck outside in the rain, especially with Florida’s intense seasons. If you have problems with your system, it’s essential to seek out professional garage door services for both financial and safety reasons. If you’re in need of garage door repairs in Stuart, Port St. Lucie, or the surrounding areas, our team is here and ready to diagnose the problem.

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If you are dealing with a garage door that won’t close, the photo eyes may be to blame. Today, we’ll highlight what these devices are, and why they can cause headaches for many homeowners.

The Need For Safety

Until the 1990s, there were no regulations mandating automatic reverse systems for residential overhead doors. Humans, pets, and property were at continual risk of being crushed by lowering garage doors, which are heavy and cumbersome. In order to prevent the dangers of roll-up door operations, regulations were put in place to require photo eyes on every system.

Also referred to as photocell safety beams, these photoelectric eyes serve as an invisible radar for any obstructions in the door’s closing path. One device is placed on each end of the frame, slightly elevated off of the floor. The first photo eye emits a beam that serves to reflect off of the second eye and return. If the path is clear, the garage door opener will be allowed to operate. Any disturbances in the beam’s path will signal the system to reverse. Combining this photoelectric system with a mechanical reversal sensor helps to ensure that your door does not inflict any serious harm on your property or loved ones.

Sensor Problems

If the sensors affixed to your overhead door system are not aligned and functioning properly, problems can result. In many cases, the issue stems from one of the two photo eyes being bumped out of alignment. Falling tools, leaning bicycles, and errant soccer balls can all easily bend the arm holding the sensor or reflector. Inspect your system and look for any problems. Normally, the solution comes from correcting the position of the two photo eyes.

Completing this check will resolve a majority of the problems concerning your garage door’s reversal system. If an alignment does not resolve the problem, more serious issues may be to blame. Faulty wiring, motor issues, and other component problems can all lead to failures in closing your garage door. In these situations, we recommend seeking out the help of a local garage door company — your safety is worth it!

Do Not Have A Photoelectric Sensor?

Older overhead door systems more often relied on mechanical reversal systems to increase safety, which consists of a sensor that reverses any closing operation once an object has been hit by the door. Mechanical systems were useful in preventing crushing injuries throughout the 1990s, but this system was only reactive, reversing operations after coming into contact with an individual or object. Photo eyes are useful in detecting any obstructions before closing the door and are therefore a preferred safety mechanism.

If your garage door currently does not have a photoelectric reversal system, it’s important to know that these older versions are not compatible with modern components. In any case, our garage door company can provide a complete inspection to ensure that your home is outfitted for safe, reliable results.

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