Many people decide to move to Florida to take advantage of the warmth, sunshine, and great activities. Our state holds a diverse landscape of cultures, music, food, and more to provide enjoyment for everyone who resides here. Unfortunately, our beautiful location and proximity to the water creates a higher potential for storm damages. Hurricane season in Martin County and beyond tends to last between the beginning of June and the end of November, meaning we’re still right in the middle of storm season. Everyone needs to take steps to keep themselves and their loved ones safe from hurricane dangers, which is where Guaranteed Garage Repair can help.

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If you are new to Florida and you are not sure of the best processes to follow in case of emergency situations, then be sure to reach out to Martin County’s emergency agency for more. Today, we’ll highlight a few tips that may help you in preparing for the worst. If you are on this page looking for local garage door services, such as spring replacements, cable repairs, and more, be sure to call us today!

Understand the Dangers

Before preparing your home and family for hurricane season, it is vital to understand the risks of being caught in an emergency situation. Many dangers stem from a lack of education, as many citizens are unaware of the full scope of hazards present in many survival situations. The purpose of preparation is to understand your risks ahead of time and take steps now to minimize the dangers and complications later on. Preparedness is vital in establishing calm and control while minimizing fear and unsurety.

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Create a Kit

As our garage door repair pros in Stuart will tell you, the luxuries of electricity are great until they are gone. Part of preparing for an emergency in Florida is assembling a survival kit that houses a wide range of necessary items. Food, water, and power may not be accessible during this emergency, leaving you to fend for yourself. It is vital to assemble a collection that provides everything your family needs while still being mobile.

Most professionals recommend packing a disaster kit that will last you three days. A few items that should be considered for this kit include:

  • Water. Clean H2O can be lifesaving, and should be focused on first and foremost. Ideally, you want to have a gallon of water on average per person, per day to account for hydration and sanitation.
  • Food. Three days’ worth of food will do much to provide comfort and security if a hurricane leaves your loved ones stranded. Be sure to focus on durable, non-perishable goods.Don’t forget your can opener!
  • First aid kits. Emergency situations often have a high potential for injury, making a medical kit essential for any Stuart homeowner.
  • Light. In case the power goes out, citizens can benefit from a variety of illumination devices that provide convenience and peace of mind. Be sure to include an extra set of batteries with your flashlight or headlamp.
  • Living products. Pet supplies, fresh clothing, writing utensils, clothing, sleeping bags; all of these daily items can be included to ensure that you are better prepared for the challenges ahead.
  • Prescriptions and essentials. Some items, such as your medication, must be accounted for and present for a safe outcome. Be sure to list out your medications and have a surplus ready in case you are unable to reach your pharmacy due to emergency conditions.

For more detailed information on what to pack, you can reach out to Martin County’s website for help. It is beneficial to spend your time planning this process with the family, highlighting the essentials in case an emergency develops.

Next time, we’ll cover a few more aspects of hurricane preparedness in Florida, including emergency plans, property preparedness, and more. If you’re on this page and you need garage door repairs or maintenance in Stuart or beyond, Guaranteed Garage Repair is here and happy to help. Our services are affordable, comprehensive, and guaranteed to satisfy your expectations. If you’re looking for local garage door services that are better than best, be sure to contact us today for assistance!