Hurricane season. This inevitable time of year provides the perfect conditions for storms to develop across the Atlantic Ocean, moving tropical systems into Florida to make landfall. If you are a homeowner, it can be hard to properly prepare for the might and fury that is Mother Nature. If you are on this post because you are in need of top-quality garage door repairs in Stuart, Port St. Lucie, or the surrounding areas, Guaranteed Garage Repair is here and happy to help. For years, we have worked to be among the elite garage door companies in the state, and we’re proud to say that our services are Better than Best!

Residents who are new to Florida are likely not sure as how to proceed in creating their emergency preparedness plan. As a longtime partner of Martin County clients, our team is here to fix your garage door, whether that includes regular maintenance, major overhauls, or anything in between. Today, we’ll continue to discuss hurricane preparedness tips to keep your family and home safe. When you are finished, be sure to fill out a Speedy Fast™ quote from Guaranteed Garage Repair for unbeatable service!

Put a Plan In Place

Communication is the key to success for many ventures, and when it comes to keeping your loved ones safe during an emergency, clear planning is the key for ensuring the best outcome. Most homeowners along the coast have a plan in place for them and their family members for what to do in case of an emergency. Part of this process includes preparing for multiple scenarios to ensure the most dynamic plan possible.

As your trusted residential and commercial garage repair team in Stuart, we have experience in disaster planning. A few key components to focus on with your family may include:

  • How to leave. Exiting your property in an orderly manner can help to keep the peace while keeping everyone calm. Be sure to plan for an exit strategy to get your family out of the home safely.
  • Where to go. Different emergencies will necessitate different relief areas, making it important for you to plan ahead and know where you should be going if things fall apart.
  • Communication measures. Again, clear communication is essential to enhance calm and safety. Be sure to incorporate plans if your family’s cell phones do not work.
  • Check-in plans. Emergencies are summarized as chaotic and hazardous, leaving loved ones to worry about your condition. Include a plan that accounts for your safety and lets your family know that you made it out ok.
  • Meet-up locations. Becoming separated from loved ones during a natural disaster can be terrifying, making it essential for your family to create a reunification plan that focuses on laying out clear plans for how to meet back up with everyone if you are separated. Emergency preparedness includes having a backup plan, so be sure to include a secondary location if you cannot reach the rendezvous point.

Businesses are also tasked with creating an emergency plan to protected employees and guests from danger. As a company owner, you will be tasked with creating and enforcing your evacuation plan, ranging from implementation to drills and beyond. Remember to focus on communication at all levels to minimize the risks.

Prepare Your Property

Before a hurricane makes landfall, homeowners in Stuart and the surrounding areas can benefit from proactive measures that aim to minimize the overall dangers and damages posed to your property. Thanks to modern science, we are now able to know the behaviors of storm systems long before they make landfall. As such, homeowners across Florida need to prepare for hurricanes proactively to minimize the possible dangers and damages.

While we are not here to serve as your storm experts, Guaranteed Garage Repair is proud to provide unbeatable garage door services to Stuart homes. Our technicians can provide inspections and repairs to ensure the most reliability with every garage door part for your loved ones. A few property projects that you can work on before the weather turns for the worse include:

  • Roof reinforcement, which is beneficial for those that do not know the condition of their home’s roofing. Before heavy storms arrive, be sure to inspect your roof system and ensure that no repairs are needed. Otherwise, you may be facing much more costly repairs later on!
  • Tree trimming is recommended for those with weakened or dead branches. Falling branches account for a lot of the danger during a storm. High winds can result in breaks, causing preventable damages to both people and property.
  • Anchoring items that are too large or unsafe to bring inside. Many homeowners anchor their sheds, gazebos, and other structures for added protection from hurricane conditions. Be sure to take protective measures to keep your flammable goods secured.
  • Garage door services, including inspections and recommendations for storm protection. Small improvements to your overhead door system can result in major advantages in the event of an emergency situation. A working, reliable, sealed garage door can do much to protect your Stuart home!

Guaranteed Garage Repair is proud to be your source for Top Rated Local® garage door services, and our commitment to quality helps to provide guaranteed results. We provide personalized results for each client, and our service is Better than Best. We know that a working garage door is essential during inclement weather, and all of our repairs will ensure the best performance year-in and year-out. Contact us today to learn more about the value of our repairs, and be sure to visit the Martin County website to learn more about local hurricane preparedness. With dedicated lines in Port St. Lucie, Jupiter, Sebastian, and Stuart, our garage door company is happy to assist!