A neatly organized garage space.

Springtime is here, which means many families will be planning spending more time outside. Whether your family spends time in the yard or hours walking around the neighborhood, chances are that your garage will play an integral role. This versatile space serves as the vestibule between your home and the outside world, complete with hazards and dangers that must be accounted for to create a safe environment for your children. Now may be the perfect time to get your garage up to speed, and our garage door company is ready to help!

Guaranteed Garage Repair specializes in garage door repairs for homes in Stuart, Jupiter, and the surrounding areas, providing families with the safest and most cost-effective results. Our team relies on proven training and the best equipment in the industry to outfit your home for success.

We provide a full range of garage door services, including safety inspections. If you’re planning on heading out into the garage, be sure to follow a few of these safety tips. Did you land on this page because you’re looking for garage repairs near you to make things safer? Contact us now for same-day service!

Discuss Garage Door Safety

The first step in keeping little ones safe around overhead doors is to educate them on the proper use in order to maximize safety. You can explain how dangers can exist even if your child is careful, and discuss the proper use of the system to ensure no improper activities occur. Point out the importance of checking your surroundings before closing the door, including where people, pets, and property are. Fingers can get pinched, so be aware when you’re in the garage!

Keep Dangerous Products Out of Reach

Most garages are full of chemicals and caustic agents that can become very dangerous for little hands. If you are planning on having the kids with you in the garage this spring, take the time to move all hazardous items into a secure place. Gasoline, oil, cleaning agents, and sharp tools can all be hidden from view or preferably locked in a container. Tripping hazards should also be kept to a minimum, as well as hanging cords.

Remember to Lock Your Vehicle

Kids love to explore and play, which is great in safe areas. If you plan on having family time outside and expect your little ones to spend time in the garage, be sure to lock your vehicle. Unlocked cars provide a great place to play, but at the risk of slammed fingers in doors, among other hazards. If you have a garage door opener in the vehicle, your kid may press the button, causing an activation which can put property and other people in jeopardy.

Provide Complete Supervision

It can be too easy to leave your kids alone once you have checked the space, but it is always smart to keep a continual eye on them. If your garage door is open, it is especially important to provide close supervision. Watching your kids closely can help you keep an eye out for any missed opportunities to improve safety, as kids are often magnets for mistakes such as these.

Modern garage door openers rely on sensors to help you to monitor your garage, including telling you whether or not it is open. Reach out to us to learn more about our garage door opener installations, and be sure to request an estimate to see how affordable upgrading your system can be.

Call for Garage Door Services When Needed

If you and the family are in the garage this spring and you notice a strange noise or clunking motion, it’s important to schedule an inspection by a local garage door company to ensure your home is as safe as possible. Oftentimes, garage door repairs are necessary after years of wear and tear, with problems worsening over time if they are not addressed. We recommend proactively calling for garage door services if you are concerned!

Guaranteed Garage Repair is here to provide complete peace of mind for families all year long. Our team specializes in garage door repairs for residents in Stuart, Jupiter, West Palm Beach, and the surrounding areas. We proudly serve Southern Florida to provide results that are Better Than Best. Our team works hard to take care of any safety concerns, and will address problems with you before we leave. We guarantee that you will love the outcome!

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