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March is here, and before you know it, we’ll be back into the fall season and preparing for 2020. Before that time, though, it’s important to make the most out of spring and enjoy the great weather. Homeowners across Florida often spend the spring season updating their properties and preparing for the stormier weather ahead. If you’re planning on making the most out of this time, then don’t forget to check in on your garage door system to make sure everything is up to speed.

Homeowners in need of garage door repairs in Stuart, Port St. Lucie, and the surrounding areas can rely on our company for guaranteed results. Guaranteed Garage Repair provides ideal outcomes for homes across Southern Florida, relying on our decades of experience to provide services that are Better Than Best.

We’re here to tell you that spring is the perfect time to schedule your garage door inspection. Today, we’ll highlight a few reasons why you should call us now for service.

Longer, Warmer Days

While Florida is known for its welcoming weather, spring brings longer days, which means more time outside. You and your family may choose to spend time working in the yard, on the driveway, or in the garage. It’s important to check your overhead door system to ensure all safety equipment is operating correctly. Nobody wants a friend or family member to sustain an injury, and the garage door has historically been known to create hazards when not properly used or maintained.

Before you and your family bust out the grill and enjoy the weather, we recommend scheduling an inspection of your roll-up door to promote safety. Our garage door repair pros can provide fast, affordable services to allow you to focus on more important (and delicious) matters.

Invest Your Tax Return Wisely

Tax Day is fast approaching, leaving citizens with either a lot of anxiety or a refund in their pocket. If you are a part of the latter, you may be unsure as how to best invest your returned funding. A new television sounds nice, and updated fishing gear appears to be a wise choice, but keep in mind that broken garage doors do not heal with time.

Guaranteed Garage Repair delivers affordable, straightforward services that help to make the most of your investment. Our garage door maintenance plans, for example, are very affordable and provide a 31-point inspection of your overhead door system.

Check Your Door’s Components

While our state is not known for rapid temperature changes, any fluctuations in relation to our humidity levels can wreak havoc on metal components. Seasonal changes can put enough strain on older systems that cause further stress, weaken components and increase the likelihood of a problem developing later on.

Our garage door company recommends getting a checkup in the spring to ensure your system is in good condition after the colder seasons. If your garage door springs need replacement, or there are issues with the cable, now would be an ideal time to address the problems. Doing so can keep your garage door in a safe operating condition for a longer period of time.

Be Prepared for Hurricane Season

While spring brings plenty of excitement in the air, it also foretells of future storms. Hurricane season begins at the start of June and runs through the end of November, harboring nearly half of the storms to hit the nation’s East Coast. Extreme wind and excess amounts of moisture can batter Florida homes and disrupt lives, damaging structures through floods and strong, continual gusts.

Our company provides garage door repairs to homes in Stuart, Vero Beach, Sebastian, and the surrounding areas. We provide complete customer satisfaction and peace of mind with every visit, and will work hard to ensure your property is ready for seasonal changes. Even minor problems can turn into costly headaches after a storm has passed, so be sure to call our garage door company if your home is in need of assistance!

Ready to Get Started?

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