Your garage door is your home’s portal to the outside world. Besides the front entrance, this method of entry receives a heavy amount of traffic throughout the home’s lifetime. For many people, their garage door openers sit in a dusty state, often in disrepair or riddled with problems from the attacks of  father time. Purchasing and installing a new system can bring a host of benefits to the discerning homeowner. If you’re looking for a Port St. Lucie garage door opener specialist, you’re in luck! Guaranteed Garage Repair is a top-notch garage door company that specializes in residential repairs and installations. Our experienced technicians are ready to help improve your home and your life!


The biggest benefit of ordering a garage door opener installation is the enhanced safety benefits that it provides. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) produced a set of rules requiring safety measures to be followed for garage doors made after the beginning of 1993. Why? Because automatic openers of the olden days were very dangerous for children!

Installing a modern opener will give you peace of mind with its state-of-the-art safety features and fail safes. Children and even pets are in danger when an outdated garage door system is in operation. While antiquity can be a source of nostalgia, in this case, it certainly isn’t worth it! A fully operational door will also be safe because it minimizes the risk of mechanical failure, which can lead to varying amounts of property damage.


When you come home during a torrential storm, the last thing you want is to be left out in the cold (and rain!). While hiring one of those professional garage door companies to fix your old opener is a cost-effective way to save money and preserve the home, sometimes the system itself is a lost cause. Older machines, especially ones in states of neglect and disrepair, tend to be more finicky with their operational capabilities. Hiring a high-quality garage door company to replace your old equipment can lead to an instant positive when it comes to reliability.


While garage door technology has a long and slightly amusing history, our blog will focus on the benefits that a modern opener brings to the table. Old-school openers used easily configured transmitters to gain wireless access to the garage. Garage door openers of the eighties relied on a dip switch system, where dual switches were flipped to create unique combinations to increase security. However, hackers have quickly defeated this rudimentary system. Today’s modern openers use a rolling technology, where the codes change each time the clicker is pushed. This alone means that your opener has a million code combinations!

While many people tend to put off garage door replacement services, Guaranteed Garage Repair works to educate our customers about the immediate benefits of timely installation. Our certified technicians are ready to help you improve the value and safety of your home with a modern garage setup. We have two decades of experience in Port St. Lucie, offering garage door opener repairs and installations. If you’re in need of services for your Florida home, don’t delay in contacting us today!