Your garage is often a source of great convenience within the home. From having a nice place to store your car to gaining easy access to the home, your garage works diligently to keep your belongings safe while improving your life. As a professional company for garage door openers in Port St. Lucie and beyond, Guaranteed Garage Repair is here to optimize your overhead door system. Our garage door company works to provide a comprehensive set of services so good that we guarantee your total satisfaction! From garage door installations to maintenance and more, our team is ready to help.

One upgrade that may benefit your life is a keyless entry system for your garage door opener. Read on to learn about a few benefits of this technology before contacting us for service!

Avoiding the Lockout

Having a large or busy family can result in people coming and going at all hours. Unfortunately, the high levels of traffic may result in chaos if one person loses or forgets his or her house key. A wireless entry system can prevent this entirely, as all that is needed is a code for your loved ones to get into the house.

Improved Security

While unauthorized intruders may be able to guess your access code, this system overall is more secure than remote options. A common problem in our country is the act of breaking into an individual’s car in order to steal their garage door remote. Once pushed, this button allows for easy access to your abode. Keyless entry systems avoid the hassle of carrying a remote in your vehicle. Another handy option for those not wanting to oust their remote system can benefit from a mini-clicker that attaches to the keychain.

One big security concern for wireless systems occurs when an unauthorized individual learns your access code. Fortunately, changing your code is much quicker and more affordable than changing physical house locks. In seconds, you can change the code and enjoy the security knowing that only you and your approved individuals can gain access.

Guest Codes

One common feature that many people do not know about is the guest option, which allows for a temporary code to be used for a set amount of time. The convenience of your keyless system will be even more obvious when you have guests arriving at the house alone. From family visiting from out of town to friends dropping by for a quick lunch, your code system can provide a lot of convenience for everyone.

Easy Installation

Your keyless entry system functions more as a mobile remote opener, meaning that there will be no wires to fuss with during installation. Homeowners can install their keypad anywhere in minutes!

Whether you’re in need of a routine inspection or a complete garage door opener installation, our team is here and ready to help. Guaranteed Garage Repair has worked with Florida clients for years to provide quality outcomes that are sure to satisfy. If you’re in need of service for your garage door opener in the Port St. Lucie area, be sure to contact our overhead door company for an appointment today!