The interior of a wood garage door.

Your garage door is likely not a priority on your list until something goes awry. When a problem occurs with the overhead door system, it is often due to the failure of your garage door springs. Sooner or later, everyone’s garage springs wear out and fail, often resulting in unwanted consequences for the entire family. These components are vital in supporting the weight of your garage door and providing smooth operations with steady tension. If you’re dealing with the aftermath of broken garage door springs, do not stress! Only minor garage door services will be needed to restore your overhead door to its former glory.

Guaranteed Garage Repair offers professional garage door repairs in Port St. Lucie, Stuart, and the surrounding areas. Our Florida team knows how to get the job done right, and we’re ready to guarantee the results. Nobody else offers the same level of quality or coverage. Our top priority is to provide results that are Better Than Best!

If you’re worried about the state of your garage door, keep reading for six common symptoms of broken springs, then be sure to reach out to us for complete assistance!

1 – Garage Door Looks Unbalanced

The type of garage door springs in your home may create unique problems once these springs start to wear down. Torsion springs are parallel and store energy above the door while extension springs are placed on either side of the door and rely on extending support. If one of your extension springs were to fail, you would likely notice when your door opens. Crooked or unbalanced garage doors can occur for a couple of reasons, with faulty springs being among the top culprits.

Our Tip: Don’t replace one garage door spring at a time; you’ll just be back sooner to fix the other one! Be sure to rectify both springs for the best results.

2 – Loud, Squeaky Noises

Your garage door springs are rated to last a certain number of cycles (10,000 being a good industry average). After so many uses, these springs will begin to wear out. One sign of trouble can easily be heard while your overhead door is opening or closing. Aging springs will do less to support the door, placing more pressure on those springs. If you notice a ruckus of squealing, squeaking, or popping noises, now would be a good time to call for professional garage door repairs!

3 – Snapping Sounds

In addition to the extra creaks and groans associated with aging garage door springs, you may eventually hear a loud snapping sound. If this happens, be sure to refrain from using your overhead door system until a professional can take a look. Garage springs are made to provide rugged results, but eventually, they will break down and fail. In some cases, this can include a complete failure, causing the springs to snap. This failure can also occur when the door is not moving. If you hear a snap, be sure to make the call!

4 – Springs Look Uncoiled

A visual inspection may be able to yield the information you are looking for. If your garage door springs look stretched out and uncoiled, it may be time for replacement. Many homeowners call our garage door company in Stuart after noticing that their springs look rusty, loose, and otherwise worn down. Broken garage door springs tend to show the signs of their damage, and will likely yield clues such as spring gaps, deformation, and more.

5 – Door Closes Quickly

Garage door springs are tasked with making the lifting and lowering operation of your garage door easier. These components store the built-up energy and lessen the load placed on the rest of your opening system. If you have an older garage door, then you may notice that your door is closing faster than before. A built-in safety feature sets a limit on lowering speeds, but if your garage door springs are broken, then this component may fail to work.

If you notice that your garage door is slamming closed or lowering dangerously fast, now would be a good time to schedule an inspection with your local garage door company!

6 – Door Won’t Raise All the Way

One clear sign of a need for garage door spring replacements comes when you try to press the button on your garage door opener. Remember that opener force safety feature? Newer overhead doors rely on this component to stop the operation if it notices that the weight supported by the springs is not correct. The result is a garage door that opens to only 18 inches off the ground. This may seem inconvenient, but the goal is to stop broken garage door springs from causing further damage to your open system and to prevent a sudden failure.

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Broken garage door springs can prove problematic, but luckily, replacing these vital components is a fast and simple process. Guaranteed Garage Repair can visit your Florida home and provide complete garage door repairs. We can also inspect the rest of your system to ensure that everything is up to speed and ready for the next year. Our team offers free estimates, same-day services, and comprehensive maintenance and warranty options to generate the best results for each customer.

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