A close up of a garage door wheel on it's track.

Hurricane season is here, and many Florida residents are focused on keeping their overhead doors safe and secure against high winds and torrential rainfall. While many homeowners are focused on the panels and door itself, they often fail to inspect the internal components responsible for safe and efficient openings. Most often, people call our garage door company in Port St. Lucie for service to fix sudden failures. Many people reach out to us to say that there is a cable hanging near their door, or that their door is no longer moving at all. When it comes to your garage door cables, it’s important to take the proper steps to create the safest and most cost-effective outcome for your property!

Guaranteed Garage Repair is here to serve as your trusted team for garage door repairs in Port St. Lucie, Sebastian, Jupiter, and the surrounding areas. We do nothing but overhead doors, and work to provide honest and effective repairs to achieve customer satisfaction. You can benefit from our 100% risk-free program, where we guarantee the results!

When it comes to garage door cables and replacement, many Florida homeowners are unsure how to proceed. Learn more about this process here, and be sure to contact us online if you need residential garage door services!

Possible Cable Problems

Issues can appear in many forms, but when it comes to the cables that support your garage door and springs, a few common scenarios may be to blame:

  • Incorrect storage — One situation that can wreak havoc on your Florida home occurs when your cables are not wound correctly. When this happens, homeowners will notice that their door has jammed, and will not move.
  • Disconnected cables — While not common, cables have been known to unwind completely and become disconnected from the pulley. It is essential to reconnect this cable properly before opening your door!
  • Worn pulleys — Your garage door cable may undergo unnecessary wear and tear if the other components of the system are not performing properly. You may notice that your door gets stuck during operation, or sometimes droops to one side.
  • Wear and tear — No components last forever, especially those tasked with heavier workloads. Your overhead door system’s cables will wear down over time, which is unavoidable.

Cable Size Determinations

If now is the time for you to replace your garage door cables, you will be faced with one question — which cable is right for you?

Procuring the right cable for the job can provide considerable benefits for your Florida home. Investing in a cable that is not rated for heavy weights can result in a sudden failure, putting your family and property at risk. Springs will be sized based on two key factors:

  • Door weight — Heavier, thicker doors will require thicker cables to get the job done. Many Florida homes rely on heavier doors to provide ideal hurricane protection.
  • Spring system — Torsion springs tend to be smaller in nature, requiring a shorter cable to provide the right level of support. Extension springs require more space, and will benefit from a longer cable length.

Torsion and Extension Springs

Garage door springs come in numerous sizes and styles to outfit a variety of overhead doors, but generally, homeowners will be dealing with one of two types:

Extension Springs

Simple and affordable, extension springs are commonly found across the United States. These garage door springs are located on both sides of your door, extending and retracting to provide balanced support during opening and closing operations. These units store the energy needed to complete the next phase of your door’s movement cycle.

Note: Safety cables help to minimize the risks of danger if your extension spring fails. We recommend installing safety cables in all extension systems, as spring failures can occur at any time. This cable helps to keep the broken component in place, preventing it from becoming a dangerous projectile!

Torsion Springs

You can rely on torque to open and close your overhead door. Torsion springs twist along a shaft in order to store the energy needed for the next cycle. While more costly overall, these springs are rated to perform better over the years, improving system safety and longevity. 

Your spring system will play a large role in determining what size and type of cable will be needed. Still aren’t sure how to proceed? No problem! Reach out to our Port St. Lucie team today for garage door repairs that are Better Than Best!

Preventative Measures

While there is no way to prevent your cable from failing or breaking in the long term, several steps are available to increase the longevity and safety of your overhead door system:

  • Proper sizing — Like we said before, the right gauge and length of cable will help to create ideal results.
  • Inspect relevant components — Even if your cable looks fine, it’s important to inspect the pulleys and springs to ensure no hidden surprises are coming your way! If your cable is kinked or fraying, be sure to take quick action to prevent future damage.
  • Keep things clean — Dirt, grime, and other contaminants can impair your garage door cable’s longevity. A proper lubricant can be added after your inspection to provide lasting protection.

Call for Professional Garage Door Cable Services!

DIY garage door repairs can prove to be dangerous, as many components within an overhead door system are under immense pressure. If you’ve noticed issues with your cables, then it’s beneficial to reach out to a professional garage door company for assistance. Continual use of your overhead door may lead to a failure, damaging your door and garage, as well as endangering anyone in the area, so be sure to leave your garage alone before repairs are made!

Guaranteed Garage Repair of Port St. Lucie specializes in repair services across Florida’s southern Atlantic Coast, relying on the best products and training in the industry to provide results that are Better Than Best. Contact us today to learn more about our garage door cable services, and be sure to request your free project quote!