You’ve come home and clicked on the garage door opener, only to watch your door lose its momentum and come crashing back down to the ground. Not only is this event very inconvenient for your daily tasks, it is also a major danger for you and your loved ones. Calling a reliable garage door repair firm for comprehensive garage door repairs in Port St. Lucie is one way to handle the issue. Guaranteed Garage Repair is proud to be among the top garage door companies in Florida, delivering guaranteed results to our happy customers. As the biggest moving component in the home, keeping your overhead door system is healthy is essential for many reasons.

Today, we’ll look at a few common causes behind why your garage door has come off of its tracks. While this may not help you fix the garage door, it can prove useful for preventing future issues. If your garage door is not working properly, be sure to contact our experts today for an inspection!

Reason One: Impact Damages

Whether you backed out of the garage too fast or the neighbor kid has used your door as a cashing point for their bicycle racing, impacts to your overhead door system can prove problematic. Damages done to the door may only visually appear to affect the lower sections, yet the entire system can be impaired. Oftentimes, this will not result in immediate problems that require professional garage door maintenance. Once a roller comes off, though, the risk increases for your door coming off of the tracks and creating a major hazard to both people and property.

Reason Two: Worn-Out or Broken Rollers

Over the years, daily operations can cause a lot of wear and tear on your garage door components. The end results can wear out one or more roller, putting additional strain on the remaining components to get the job done. Utilizing a weakened roller system can damage any number of parts, including the horizontal rails that store your door in the upright position. Our residential garage door repair specialists can help to identify sub-par rollers and offer quality solutions to create long-term safety for your home.

Reason Three: Horizontal Track Woes

Whether through wear and tear or an impact, the horizontal tracks in your overhead door system can fail and drop the door. This can happen because the tracks aren’t perfectly aligned, or because an issue in the opening bent the tracks while moving. While this can normally be caused by inferior garage door parts, improper installations or unsafe door usage can also result in track problems.

Reason Four: Broken Lift Cables

The wound-up cables in your overhead door system help to spin into a drum and store the energy gained from opening your garage door. When closed, these cables assist in lowering the apparatus smoothly. If the cables are not lined up squarely on each side, disaster can result. Regular garage door maintenance can help to identify cable issues before failure occurs. If your door seems to be pulling on only one side, be sure to avoid using it into a professional arrives!

Hiring a professional for your garage door repairs in Port St. Lucie can prove to be a very beneficial choice. With 20 years of experience, Guaranteed Garage Repair is here and ready to help your overhead system in any way that we can. Our services are so qualitative, that we guarantee the results! Contact us today for your quote!