As the spring season comes into full swing, more and more extreme weather will be building on the horizon. As a Florida resident, it is critically important for you to take good care of your home’s overhead door system to ensure that your property is protected in case hazardous weather makes landfall. The last thing you want is to come home during a hurricane watch, only to find that your garage door won’t close! One smart approach for homeowners that can help to avoid potentially dangerous outcomes is to regularly inspect their overhead door system. Guaranteed Garage Repair can help you in this endeavor, offering garage door maintenance services such as our comprehensive inspection to ensure that your system is as safe and as reliable as possible. With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, we are proud to provide expert garage door repairs to Port St. Lucie and Jupiter residents, delivering results that are so good, we guarantee them!

Our team offers comprehensive garage door services to keep Florida homes safe and sound through the worst weather of the season. We are here to deliver helpful advice as well. If you want to inspect your garage door system yourself, be sure to follow a standard plan to ensure that every aspect is given the proper attention. Today, we’ll highlight a few key components that you need to inspect, as well as the value of performing this routine regularly. If you’re in need of assistance, our team can help with everything from garage door replacements to repairs!

Photo Eye Sensors

The sensor that rests on either side of your garage door is a valuable component for ensuring safety at all times. This modern technology relies on two “eyes” that must maintain a clear line of sight to one another for your door to begin movement. If your eye sensors are not working correctly, you may be stuck with a door that simply won’t open or close. Conversely, if your sensors are working but reading incorrectly, the danger of you, your loved ones, or your property being smashed under the weight of a closing door exists.

When inspecting your sensor, it’s important to focus on two key points:

  1. Proper settings. Over time, continual vibrations can begin to loosen the bond that holds your photo eye sensors in place. Be sure to check that both are level with one another and that they no higher than six inches off of the ground. Otherwise, there is a danger of small children or shorter objects being smashed.
  2. Proper functionality. Once everything is tightened and inspected for damage, it’s time to test your system. This can be done by placing an object in the path of your door and closing it. If your sensors are working correctly, they should detect this obstruction and keep the garage door in place.

Garage Door Balance

Regular wear and tear can put a lot of strain on your overhead door system. If one piece of equipment fails to engage properly, or if there is a sizable impact to your garage door, it can become unbalanced. If your garage door is not balanced, it can lead to considerable damages and premature wear on the overall system. Remember that this aspect of overhead garage door repair and maintenance can be one of the most challenging and dangerous ones. If you need assistance, our garage door company can help!

First, be sure to switch your garage door system into manual mode. This often consists of pulling the cord down that hangs from your garage door opener. Once this is done, be sure to open and close the door by hand to ensure that it travels smoothly along the tracks. Ideally, you should open your door halfway and let go to check the balance. The springs will engage at this point to keep the door level and stationary. Two other outcomes can result, each giving you a different course of action:

  • If it is not balanced, the door will likely crash back down to the ground. Servicing will be required to restore each component. Again, doing it yourself can be very dangerous!
  • If your garage door lowers or raises in a slow manner, additional work may not be needed.

Inspecting your garage door system can help you to avoid costly setbacks and dangerous situations. It is important to remember that there are many parts involved with your overhead door, as this is usually the biggest moving component in your home. Next time, we’ll continue this topic by highlighting more areas to inspect in order to keep your garage door safe and working well. If you’re in need of professional garage door services, our technicians can help! Guaranteed Garage Repair is proud to provide quality service for each of our Florida customers. If you’re looking for maintenance help or quality garage door repairs in Port St. Lucie, be sure to reach out to our team today!