Solar panels on a roof on a sunny day.

Florida is known for its sunshine, tropical storms, and hot weather. When it comes to all three, homeowners can benefit by ensuring that their garage spaces are optimally equipped to handle the increasing temperatures. Proper measures can cool a garage by as much as 25 degrees, creating a considerable difference that can make your space more livable while also saving you on cooling costs through energy loss. It’s also important to ensure that you seek out professional garage door services if your overhead door system is not in proper working condition.

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Today, we’ll discuss a few key tips to help you boost the comfort of your garage door this season. If you’re in need of urgent garage door repairs, feel free to contact us now!

Deploy Insulation

While many homeowners think that insulation serves to keep properties warm from colder temperatures, the reality is that insulation can also keep your garage cooler by keeping out the heat. This added layer of temperature control can improve the comfort of your garage, as well as provide a better thermal layer between your home’s interior and the outside conditions.

Many homeowners have found success in installing insulation across every surface of their garage:

  • Ceiling — A direct source for sunlight, your roof will absorb some serious heat during the hotter months. Insulate your ceiling to keep heat away from the garage.
  • Walls — Framing and insulating the garage is a major project, but one that can deliver vast improvements in comfort and energy efficiency.
  • Garage door — As the biggest moving piece of equipment within your home, the overhead door allows the most heat transfer. A layer of insulation can help to buffer the negative effects of summer.

Focus on Ventilation Measures

Insulation is a great method to protect your garage space from the summer heat, but keep in mind that ventilation measures will be needed to provide relief if the garage gets too hot. Homeowners who plan to increase their living space can choose to install an air conditioner in their garage, or they can elect to connect the garage to their existing HVAC system. While the most costly, this method does deliver the most comfort.

Another way to keep your home’s garage comfortable this summer is to ensure your space is equipped with the proper ventilation devices. You can implement the following measures to promote proper air circulation in your garage:

  • Ceiling fans are ideal in the home for dispersing warm air and keeping a space cool, and if you have the space for it, a fan can help to make the garage much more comfortable.
  • Attic fans often reside above the garage and serve to push warm air out when temperatures rise. Residents can benefit from a solar-powered fan that increases money savings and peace of mind.
  • Intake vents take in the outside air to refresh and cool the garage, often cooling the space 15 degrees or more.

Proper ventilation helps to reduce the discomfort in your home, as well as the energy costs needed to keep your property cool. Homes fraught with moisture and mold concerns can also deploy ventilation measures to keep their space dry.

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Provide Shade

The continual sunshine can take its toll on your energy bills, as direct sunlight provides a full spectrum of heat to your Florida home. Installing sun-blocking measures can help to shade your garage door and windows, as well as other exterior openings. Many residents rely on planted trees to provide year-round beauty and comfort, including Black Olive, Live Oak, Ficus, and Mahogany.

Homeowners can also choose to install their own shade devices, including awnings, canopies, decorative landscaping, and more.

Call for Garage Door Repairs if Needed

One of the most essential steps in reducing the heat in your garage this summer is to ensure your overhead door system is working properly. Homeowners who put off fixing their garage door may come home to find that their opener has failed completely. In many cases, this can leave your garage door compromised, letting the heat in and sapping the thermal effectiveness of your home. Broken garage doors can also become a security concern, as would-be thieves now have access into the garage and beyond.

Guaranteed Garage Repair is available to deliver top-notch garage door services across Southern Florida’s Atlantic coast. We specialize in garage door repairs in Port St. Lucie, Hobe Sound, West Palm Beach, and beyond, providing outcomes that are guaranteed to be Better Than Best. Our team is available to provide an inspection of your home to ensure your overhead door is up to speed and able to provide the best results this summer.

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