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As the biggest moving component of your Florida home, the garage door serves as a major source of convenience. When inclement weather moves in, however, this entryway can be the weak point for destructive forces. Hurricane season is still in full effect, with intense heat throughout the tropics spurring more intensive weather than expected. If you still have not fully prepared your family and home for the extreme weather, we recommend getting started right away!

Guaranteed Garage Repair is here to serve as your trusted overhead door company in Port St. Lucie, delivering residential garage door services so professional that we 100% guarantee the results. We understand how important a properly working garage door is, and offer same-day services to ensure you are prepared for the weather ahead. 

Hurricane Dorian is now expected to batter the Carolinas, leaving many Florida residents relieved but concerned about the next round of intense weather. Catch up on our six tips to help you prepare for hurricane season, and be sure to contact us today to schedule your garage door services!

Know Your Surroundings

One key step for all Floridians in flood-prone areas is to survey their landscape and prepare for specific threats. If you live near a levy, dam, or canal, it’s vital to understand how much and where the water will go in the event of a flood. Neighborhoods with a long history of flooding problems will likely rely on additional protective measures to keep safe.

Many homeowners opt to stay in the safety of their own property to wait out the weather. While the forecast may not seem concerning to you, it’s important to have a plan in place in case you need to evacuate. You can find information on local hurricane evacuation routes and safe spots online so that you can be fully prepared for the worst. It’s also important to not wait until the last minute to evacuate!

Prepare Your Emergency Kit

Whether you’re new to this neck of the woods or you’re not terribly worried about the weather, it is essential to have a stash of supplies in case the situation deteriorates. Most locals rely on a comprehensive emergency kit, which can include the necessities such as water, non-perishable food, food for your pets, first aid kits, matches, candles, and flashlights. You can also include other key tools to keep your family safe, including maps and GPS devices, protective gloves and dust masks, a backup generator, wrenches, high-vis vests, and more.

It is also important to have a communication plan in place with your family members. With your immediate family, be sure to plan for where you will meet in case you are separated. This can include shelter locations, evacuation routes, and other key details to help keep everyone safe. You can rely on a family member outside of the storm area to check in with, allowing everyone in the family to reach a reliable communication point 24/7 (provided telephone lines are working).

Secure the Property

Beyond keeping you and your loved ones safe, your priority will center around protecting your home from powerful swells, strong sustained winds, and more. Protective measures can provide serious benefits, so be sure to have a to-do list handy. Plan time around cleaning your gutters and downspouts to help minimize clogging along your roofline. We also suggest picking up all plants, furniture, and other outdoor accoutrements and bringing them inside. If there are large items such as slides that can’t make the move inside, be sure to secure them to a large tree or other anchor. Not only will this help to keep your property safe, but it will also reduce the likelihood of flying debris damaging your home!

Shutter the Windows

It is paramount to check that all of your home’s windows are covered. Many homeowners invest in durable storm shutters to provide a fast and comprehensive level of protection when needed. If you’re looking for a quick fix to keep your home’s glass safe, 5/8-inch plywood boards can provide a suitable level of protection from high winds and impacts. We recommend cutting these pieces to fit before the weather turns south for fast, effective coverings. Be sure to secure your boards properly, as strong gusts can overpower duct tape, small nails, and other inferior methods.

Reinforce the Roof

Extreme winds can place a lot of stress on the roof of your home, which is why experts recommend additional bracing to keep it in place. Clips and straps are available to help fasten your roof to the frame of your home. While not an ideal level of protection against Category 4 gales, roof reinforcements can do much to prevent the damage your home might sustain.

Reinforce Your Overhead Door

The space in your garage can prove to be a very destructive location if strong winds were to gain entry. We recommend taking steps to prevent a wind invasion, as the pressure differential inside and out can wreak havoc on your home’s structure. In some cases, garages have been leveled!

We recommend taking the time to ensure your garage door is up to code and ready for strong winds. Many homeowners take the time to run pins and locks through their garage doors along the tracks to improve security. Others invest in kits that brace garage doors in their weakest sections. No matter your needs, it pays to hire a professional to take a look!

Replace or Retrofit?

Based on the age and condition of your overhead door, you will have to decide whether you want to retrofit it for protection or invest in a new garage door. Homeowners with older garage door systems may not even be aware of the vulnerability of their homes, which is why we recommend a full inspection from a reputable garage door company.

Guaranteed Garage Repair of Port St. Lucie is here to serve as your source for garage door repairs, services, and replacements. We have the skills, training, and products to deliver outcomes so good that we guarantee the results. If your overhead door system is not operating like it is supposed to, your home can be in serious danger if hurricane weather makes landfall in your area. Feel free to reach out to us to learn about our safety inspection, and be sure to check our current specials to save on our already-affordable services!

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