A garage door repair specialist works on a garage door opener chain.

In most cases, homeowners give their overhead door system little thought. That is, until something goes wrong. Residents of Florida understand how intense local weather conditions can be, and know to seek out garage door repairs when needed. One common problem that may occur after years of use is an imbalance in the garage door’s springs, which are designed to store tension and utilize that energy to make lifting and lowering a heavy door easier on the components. If one side is not balanced, the garage door may be exposed to unnecessary duress.

Guaranteed Garage Repair is here to serve as South Florida’s residential garage pros. Our team proudly provides quality garage door repairs in Port St. Lucie, Stuart, West Palm Beach, and everywhere in between. Today, we’ll discuss the importance of having a balanced garage door, as well as the signs of any developing balance problem. If you’re looking for quality support, be sure to call our team for services that are Better Than Best!

The Signs of an Unbalanced Garage Door

Like most problems associated with overhead doors, problems are often easy to spot. If you’re worried about your door’s balance over the seasons, be sure to be wary of:

  • Bad sounds — If your tracks and rollers are put under more extreme conditions, loud and strange sounds can result. Excess friction can make the experience unpleasant for your ears as well as your garage door parts.
  • Slow movements — A balanced garage door will operate smoothly from start to finish. When the springs and door are not correct, the imbalance will result in slower operations.
  • Uneven appearances — One of the easiest ways to spot an unbalanced garage door is to look at the perpendicularity of the door against the home’s frame. Uneven results while moving or while at rest may be enough to diagnose your door with an issue.
  • Non-operation results — Once the problem worsens, your garage door may not be able to open at all. This is because the balance of the springs is only supporting one side, leaving your door closed until further notice.

DIY Balance Testing

If you suspect that your door is having problems, there are steps that can help you to check for balance issues yourself. Be sure to be safe throughout this process, and call if you require garage door repairs!

  • Close your garage door. Make sure you are inside your garage for the next step.
  • Detach the door from its opener. Modern openers will have a manual release that hangs below the garage door opener.
  • Move the door to its halfway point. Once the latch is released, you should be able to slowly and carefully lift the door to roughly halfway up.
  • Release your garage door. If the door is balanced, it will remain in position (although it may move slightly). If the door quickly opens or slams shut, there is a balance issue.

Call Us for Professional Garage Door Repairs!

If you have determined that you require service for your garage door springs, bear in mind that these devices can be dangerous without the proper tools or training. Guaranteed Garage Repair’s top priority is safety, and we fully recommend seeking out a local garage door company for complete servicing.

Our team specializes in garage door repairs across Port St. Lucie, and the surrounding areas. We can provide same-day overhead door services that are professional and affordable. We’re so confident in the quality of our work that we guarantee all of the results. Contact us today to schedule your inspection, and be sure to ask about our annual maintenance plan!