dreamstime_xxl_20766447-1For many Americans, the garage door is a silent hero, working tirelessly throughout the years. Even with proper garage door maintenance, though, your car entrance will eventually break down. Most homeowners have a mental budget for normal repairs such as the furnace, air conditioner, dishwasher, and so on. However, the “fix garage door” box is often left unchecked. The result can oftentimes be the neglect of your car port’s opening machine. Here at Guaranteed Garage Repair, we believe you should arrange repairs right away! We are the experts on garage door repair in Port St. Lucie and strive to exceed your highest expectations. After all, our goal is your 100% satisfaction. Getting your garage door serviced can be beneficial for many reasons, including:


When it comes to a lot of homes, people feel secure with the exterior garage door closed and the interior house entrance unlocked. While this can be convenient for the residents, it can be equally convenient for any less-than-reputable characters trying to gain access. If your garage door is inoperable, chances are that it is not as secure as its working brethren. Besides the front door, thieves commonly try the car stall for access. Scheduling residential garage door repair from your top-notch repair company will help to get the door back on the tracks and working as securely as ever.

Elemental Protection

If your garage door is calling in sick to work, chances are that it isn’t providing adequate protection against inclement weather. Here in Port St. Lucie, we see an average rainfall of 58 inches per year. That’s almost two feet more than the national average! While this number is not life-changing by any means, it can spell disaster for the homeowner with a disabled garage door. Rain and wind are costly allies in the fight against the valuable property stored in your garage. Additionally, moisture can become trapped in your garage, leading to issues with water damage and possible mold. Scheduling garage door repairs now will save you that headache in the future!

dreamstime_xxl_67988992Curb Appeal

Being the owner of a dicey garage door can hurt in more ways than just the safety of people and products. When your garage presents itself in a state of disrepair, the visual ramifications are obvious. If the problem goes unaddressed for too long, don’t be surprised to receive “helpful” reminders from neighbors or the persuasive HOA. Appearance can also come into consideration when assessing your home’s value. A wonky garage door is a two-fold decreaser of home value. For one, the appearance of your house needs to be optimal to increase the worth of the place. Aesthetic qualities are big when it comes time to sell the casa. Another factor is that your garage door simply doesn’t work, and that fact alone is enough to detract from your home’s value.

Your garage door should be kept in working condition for a plethora of reasons. So many, in fact, that we’ll conclude this riveting topic in next week’s blog. If you’re looking for garage door repair in the Port St. Lucie area, we can help! Our experienced experts are ready to exceed your highest expectations in order to keep our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Contact us today for a free quote!