As a Florida homeowner, you are likely conflicted between contacting a professional for a new garage door or simply ordering repair services to keep your current system operating. While the latter is our top choice at Guaranteed Garage Repair, in certain cases, a full replacement may prove to be the smartest choice.

Should you replace your garage door? Read about a few key signs it’s time for a new system, and be sure to reach out to us when you’re ready to begin!


How well your overhead door functions plays a major role in determining whether or not it is time for a replacement. Garage doors requiring minimal repairs (such as new springs) can prove to be very functional and worth the time and money, but if your door is looking worse for the wear, a new system may be the most cost-effective choice.


As a large portion of your home, the garage door plays a vital role in the property’s aesthetics. If your door is in poor condition, the curb appeal of your home will plummet. Inevitably, overhead doors become old and outdated, severely impacting the visual quality. If you’re hoping to make cosmetic repairs, keep in mind that older or otherwise broken overhead door systems will not likely be worth the effort!


Aging and otherwise outdated systems can create certain risks when it comes to the safety of your property and its inhabitants. New garage doors are designed to be as safe as possible, abiding by all industry regulations while improving your peace of mind. If you’ve noticed that your door’s sensors are having continual problems, a garage door replacement may be necessary.

Structural Condition

Structural problems such as a warped door or broken tracks may be enough to necessitate a new replacement from qualified professionals. Our garage door repair specialists have the ability to restore almost every issue, but when it comes to serious structural concerns, a quick fix may not be possible. If you’ve noticed issues with the speed of your door when opening, its alignment, or other problems associated with component damage, now may be the time to request a quote for a garage door replacement!

Noise Level

Noise is expected from your garage door, but what about when it starts to become extra-squeaky or loud? Increasingly audible operations can be indicative of trouble, as most overhead doors operate without a lot of grinding, grating, banging, or crashing. If your system continues to bring the noise, it may be time for a replacement.

Still Not Sure?

The best way to ensure you are making the best decision for the longevity of your home and the safety of your family is by reaching out to a local garage door company for service. Many Florida homeowners understand the value of replacing their garage door, but are unsure how to proceed for the best. Guaranteed Garage Repair is here to provide comprehensive overhead door services, including our replacements and repairs. If you’re ready to see how effective and affordable a new garage door can be, feel free to contact us online or fill out the form below for assistance. We look forward to helping you!