Florida’s Choice for Garage Door Repair

If you use your garage door as your main point of entry, like the majority of American homeowners, then chances are you are making it work much harder than you believe. Because it is easily the largest door in your home, it needs the most attention, and that includes regular maintenance and servicing.

At Guaranteed Garage Repair, we specialize in both garage door maintenance and repair, so that you can feel confident knowing that qualified, certified professionals are just a call away for all of your garage door needs. If your home’s garage door starts to make odd noises such as grinding or squeaking, or if it is bouncing or failing to move, then call us today! We’ll have a qualified technician at your home for same-day garage door spring repair.


Our residential garage door services include:

Our Top Rated Local® garage door repair specialists are experienced, efficient, and highly effective.

Whether you need garage door troubleshooting help or professionals to replace certain garage door parts, everything we do is to ensure your safety and convenience. We understand that your garage door is essential to your daily routine, and we work hard to make sure it is running well. Most garage door repairs must be performed by a qualified professional, so contact us now if you notice or are experiencing:

  • Broken springs, pulleys, cables, sensors, etc.
  • Doors that don’t move.
  • Dented, damaged, or cracked panels.
  • Doors that bounce or shake.
  • Rusted or bent tracks.
  • Noises including screeching, squeaking, or grinding.

All of our parts come from the most trusted names in the garage door industry and are guaranteed by their manufacturer’s warranty. In addition, all of our service and workmanship is guaranteed so you know you are with a garage door company in Port St. Lucie you can trust. Guaranteed Garage Repair will never do any work on your home without discussing it first with you, including what needs to be done, why it needs to be done, and how much it will cost.

Contact us today to learn more and see why we are Florida’s choice for residential garage door repair.